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You Need A Fabulous Writer!

My name is Jennifer and I have been selling online for a great many years. I have also been writing loads of materials to attract attention to my various websites. 

I have also been writing for many other people as a “Ghost Writer” to help them promote their websites or their small businesses. If YOU need some really good writing, then you should consider hiring me, because my prices are very reasonable and my writing is superb. I am not the cheapest in town, but remember… “You get what you pay for.”

Feel free to contact me with questions about your writing needs. Maybe you need a profile page, an “about me” page, or maybe several pages for your own website. You might be a representative with your own URL to a larger website, such as Avon, Fuller Brush, Herbalife, et cetera.

I can write whatever you want, email it to you, and then YOU can copy and paste it onto your own website. No one even has to know that you hired a ghost writer.  I only accept PayPal payments in advance, OR you can mail cash to me through the U.S. postal service. Ask about my package deals.

It’s very sad, but when you look around online, you see lots of lousy writing, with misspelled words, poor grammar, lack of sentences and paragraphs, and even a lack of punctuation. This might be okay when you’re just messing around on social media, but when you want to conduct business online, you should strive to be professional and give a better image.

After all, you want people to buy whatever you’re selling, or hire you to do whatever services you provide. They won’t be quick to do business with you if your website pages and other writing looks as though it was done by an eight year old child. Am I right? Would you?

Please re-read this post and a few of my other posts here on WordPress and see if you like my writing style and how smoothly it all reads. This just might be the type of good, folksy, conversational writing that you want and need to promote your website, your online business, or whatever it is that you are trying to promote.

I am not promising website traffic, or guaranteed results, and I do not provide computer or technical services, I am simply a writer who can write some good material for you. It’s up to you… do you want your new or existing business to have a “professional look,” with good writing? Or would you rather “hunt and peck” on the keyboard, throw a few weak lines of text on there, then sit back and see that nothing happens?

I also get these writing jobs done pretty quickly and most people are amazed at my fast turn-around time. When you contact me, please be sure to tell me about your business, send me a link to your website, and let me know what you think you need preliminarily.

Thanks & Many Blessings!