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How Can I Use A Blog To Promote My Website?

Whether you are the proud new owner of a website, or even if you’ve had one for a while now, you may have asked the question “How can I use a Blog to promote my website?” or something similar to that.

Maybe you have a website or online business that you want to promote. I am not at all promising definite website traffic, or guaranteed results, and I do not provide computer or technical services, I am simply a writer who has often used her writing skills to promote my own websites. Over the years, I have had many other people hire me to write for them, to help them promote their websites as well.

There are many methods used to promote websites, and one of them is blog writing. Now, while it’s true that there are millions of people who use blogs just for fun, to post photos, to write commentaries, or for a variety of other reasons, there are also millions of people who use blogs to promote their websites or businesses, both online and off.

These days, there are over 1.9 billion websites out there, and although only about 200 million are active, people who own or operate one of those 200 million websites, want to promote their site and attract visitors. This can be done by adding fresh, original, informative writing on your blog as often as possible. The more that you add content to your blog, the more it will get noticed by search engines such as Google. You also want to add new and fresh content on your website as well, and as often as you can.

You don’t want to just add nonsense, and you do not want to just copy and paste random information from other people’s websites, or their blogs, or from Wikipedia. There is also the issue of copyright protection, and some people have writing that is subject to the copyright laws.

Now, you can either write some original material yourself, or you can hire someone like me, a ghost writer, to write the material for you. Some people who have a blog that points to a website can only afford to add something new once a week, and others might do it two or three times a week, while some folks add new content every single day, or even multiple times daily. The more often you do it, the better!

And if you have no idea what to write, how to write, or why to write it, then a freelance writer such as myself might be able to help you! I always make the blog posting title a phrase that someone might possibly type into a search engine… such as Google. The thought here is that if and when someone does happen to Google that phrase, you just might turn up on the first page or two of results. Well, at least your blog will turn up, and then when people click on a link in your blog posting, or on your About Me page, they will be transported to your website! That’s all there is to it.

Now, like most things in life, you have to stick with it. You cannot just set-up a blog, make two or three postings over the course of a week, then abandon the blog, because nothing will happen. Just as I previously mentioned that there are 1.9 billion websites on The Internet, but only about 200 million are active.

Now, at this point you might say, “But Jennifer, I cannot write like you do, and I don’t even have a blog of my own. Furthermore, I do not know how to create a new blog.” Well, the good news for you is… I can happily create a blog for you, very similar to what I have created here for myself, and I can write some pieces as often or as infrequently as you want. You can inquire to find out what it would cost you, and you will naturally tell me a bit about you, your business, your website, what you wish to accomplish, and we will think up a name for your blog. My prices are reasonable and you will be completely satisfied with my work!

Even people who are reps for a direct sales company or an MLM or Network Marketing company, and who have their own URL or portal to that company’s website, can use a blog of their own to point to that URL, and thus, possibly, hopefully attract some visitors who might turn into paying customers.

For example, the latest craze or frenzy is the CBD Oil from the hemp plant, which has a broad range of alleged health benefits. The CBD oil is being sold as a nutritional supplement because of the supposed health benefits. As a result, there are about five or six new network marketing companies that have sprung up. If YOU are a representative for one of those companies, you will want to attract people to your URL, your portal to the company’s website, so that you can get some people to buy the products, and you can earn commissions! After you tell your friends and family members about your new enterprise, you have to turn to strangers, so why not use the power of The Internet to help you build your business?

So, there is some really good advice and information about using a blog to help you promote your website or online business. So, get busy writing, or find someone else to do the writing for you.

Thanks and Many Blessings!