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Writing A Blog To Promote A Website?

Maybe you are the proud new owner of your own website, or maybe you’ve had the website for a while now, and you may have wondered “Should I be writing a Blog to promote my website?” 

YES, you should, because there are nearly 200 million active websites on The Internet, and you need to attract attention to your website. Even though some folks use their blogs just for fun, others use theirs as a way to attract attention to their website.

How do you do this?

#1: By adding new, original and useful content to your blog.

#2: By adding this type of content regularly, and even frequently.

Every time that you add something new to your blog, the computers of Google that take notice of every new webpage on the Internet, will come visit your blog, and this will help your blog move up in the search results, particularly if your blog is offering some sort of information of relevance.

Then your blog will have links to your website, also known as backlinks. And it’s good to promote your website with some of this activity. This will help your website move up in the search results.

Of course, you won’t want to just post the same message over and over on your blog, and you don’t want to copy and paste something from someone else or somewhere else, because original and unique content is what’s called for. Doing that will be considered “spam.”

Now, if you say, “But Jennifer, I am not a writer,” or “I have no idea what to write.” … no worries, because YOU can hire a ghost writer, a writer-for-hire, to write the materials for you. Whether you have an existing blog or maybe you need someone like me to create one for you.

I have been doing a huge variety of writing, for a broad number of reasons, for myself and for many other people, for quite a few years now. I have been promoting my own websites, and I have been helping other people promote theirs as well.

My specialty, when it comes to selling online, is that I am a purveyor of Good Luck Charms and Amulets that Really Work and if you will indulge me; copy and paste that phrase into the Google search box, it will show you my website on the first page, listed more than once:

Alternatively, if you Google that phrase: Good Luck Charms and Amulets that Really Work … then click on Images, you will see quite a few of MY products!

Side Note: By the way, maybe you need a few good luck charms, amulets, crystals, oils, or talismans to help YOU have some good luck with your website and your business. Of course, these are sold as curios for “entertainment purposes,” but we all know someone who had extreme good luck because of something magical.

As far as your website goes, you just might want to try hiring a ghost writer, also known as a writer-for-hire, to write some good content for your website, and also to write some blog postings that might help attract attention to your website. After all, you want to make some money with your new enterprise, and you want to work at building your business, and it’s going to take some work, some effort, and some patience. (Some Good Luck wouldn’t hurt, either!)

Here on this WordPress blog that I have created, you can see the type of work that I can also do for YOU, on another blog especially for you and your website. Have a look around, and see what you think.

When you’re ready, so am I.

Thanks and Many Blessings!