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Where To Find A Writer To Write An “About Me” Page For My New Website?

You might have just become involved with a company that gives you your own URL to their website, and you need to write something for the “About Me” page but don’t know what to write. A writer-for-hire can write that page for you and it won’t cost as much as you may think.

Alternatively, you might be the proud new owner of your very own website and you need someone to do some good writing for you in the form of new additional website pages, blog postings, how-to materials, advertisements, sales letters, or promotional emails.

All of these forms of writing can help you to promote your new website, and every time a website adds some new content, the Google algorithms take notice of the additional new content and the new text, and this activity can help your website move up in the search rankings.

about me pages

Click on the artwork above to learn more about a dynamic writing service from yours truly. If you want some success with your new enterprise, sooner rather than later, then you just might need my help. After I write the text for you, and email it to you, then you can copy and paste the text into the admin area of your new website.

A strong About Me page is always a great idea. It helps for people to know a bit about you, and this may sometimes tip the scales in your favor, in terms of causing them to want to do business with you. For example, let’s say that you’re a single mother of two little girls, and you are suddenly selling Avon products. You have your own URL to the Avon website, and someone somehow ends up on your URL and they read your About Me page which happens to mention that you’re a single mother. Maybe the person visiting your page was also once a young single mother, and she has a compassionate feeling towards your story. She just might be more inclined to place an order with you!

No matter who you are and regardless of how your story goes, you need a good, effective, and well worded About Me page on your website or URL. Don’t put it off, the sooner you post the text, the better! 

Here’s wishing you Good Luck and Best Wishes in your new enterprise!

Thanks & Many Blessings!