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Where To Purchase A Brand New Set Of Encyclopedias For My Grandchildren? An Example Of How A Blog Posting Can Get Website Traffic!

You might have your own new website, and you need to promote it. By writing a Blog, you can attract attention to your website. You might ask “How?” Here’s an example of How a Blog Posting can get Website Traffic!


Where To Purchase A Brand New Set Of Encyclopedias For My Grandchildren?


Some people who are actually searching for a set of encyclopedias to purchase for their grandchildren, may have actually typed a sentence similar to the one above into a search engine, such as Google, and then they ended up on our WordPress page here… the very same page YOU are reading. When someone types something into Google and then has the choice of many different offerings, they will sometimes click on something that is actually a Blog rather than a website that sells something.

When they have a chance to read the Blog Posting, it just might persuade them to click on a hyperlink within the text of the blog post, and that “link” will take them to a website, most likely the very same website of the blog owner.

In this example, I have embedded the “link” into the artwork below, so if someone were to be searching for a brand new set of encyclopedias, they can click on the artwork, and be taken to the website I am trying to promote with the blog writing.

So, in this example, I would write something like:

“For more information about a fabulous set of encyclopedias, please click on the artwork below…”


World Book 2017

Now, if YOU will please click on that photo, you will see how this action will take you to one of my websites, and also on the very page that offers a brand new set of encyclopedias! 

This is a perfect example of how and why YOU should consider a blog to promote your website. And if you cannot do the writing yourself, no matter the reason, you can hire a Writer-for-Hire to write the blog for you. A writer-for-hire can write blog pages for you and it won’t cost as much as you may think.

For more information about hiring a Blog Writer, please click here! If you will peruse more of my WordPress Pages here on THIS site, you will learn more about How to Use Good Writing to Promote Your Website!

Thanks & Many Blessings!