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How Can I Earn Some Extra Cash For My Christmas Shopping? Did YOU Ask? This Writer Can Inspire Some Ideas!

You might feel that you need some extra cash to do your Christmas Shopping, and you’re smart to think ahead and plan ahead! You already know you won’t have quite enough to buy everything that you want to buy for all of those people on your gift list!

Maybe you’re even out of a job and you’re looking for a way to earn some money on an ongoing basis. These days there are millions of people who make money with their own entrepreneurial enterprise.

Maybe you are at a point in your life where you are sick and tired of working a J.O.B., which stands for Just Over Broke, or maybe you’re unemployed and looking for work. Call off the dogs, end the search, and start your own business!

Even a one-person, home-based business is better than slaving away at a job! There are so many things a person can do these days to make money without a job, and without breaking the law!

You can work from home and earn extra cash, or even a full time income, and there are so many things you can do. For those who enjoy any sort of selling or promoting, there is always someone trying to rope you into a multi-level marketing program, and while that is a lucrative way for some folks to proceed, it’s NOT your style.

You can, however, make money by selling items from catalogs, and NOT from an MLM company.

Picture this, you have a bunch of catalogs containing a variety of gift items, and you loan these catalogs out to people you know; friends, relative, neighbors, co-workers, people at school or church, and so forth. (Haven’t you ever seen people go nuts looking at catalogs of a fundraiser or maybe an Avon catalog?)

You encourage these folks to place an order for a few things, because after all, they also need to buy some Christmas Gifts and they have a big job ahead of them because of their massive gift giving list.

Many of these people place an order, they give you a list of a few things they need (or maybe many things) along with their payment (usually in cash) and then YOU add these things to the list of your master order from the wholesale supplier.

You submit the amount that you need to fulfill the order, and this leaves you with an immediate CASH profit, of maybe 20% to 25% and you can earn as much as you want depending on how much effort you’re willing to put forth.

When the package arrives at your door, you distribute the products to your customers, and some of them will be so delighted with the ease of the shopping experience, they just might place another order with you!

For more information, please click on this artwork:

Make Money Selling Products Deluxe Kit

By the way, I use my creative and conversational writing to promote my websites, and I can do the very same for you as a writer-for-hire! Anyone with a website would be wise to promote it by using some good writing. You might even need someone to write some good website pages, product listings, sales letters, promotional emails, et cetera.

Back to the catalog selling story; You might do the above mentioned scenario once or twice, or you might do it over and over. With the website and opportunity mentioned above there is no obligation, and you can do it for as short or as long as you want, and you can quit at any time. This is not a job, it’s simply a way to have an opportunity to sell some items from catalogs.

Think of ME as your cousin in the wholesale business. As far as the initial cost of the catalogs goes, just think of it as a small investment in your future. You will always have to spend at least a few bucks to get started making some money. Joining an MLM can cost anywhere from twenty five bucks to a hundred dollars.

If selling from catalogs does not appeal to you, maybe you would like the idea of having a website like the one you saw from clicking on the artwork above, and that can easily be arranged. Just read the posting immediately preceding this one and learn more about having a website of your own.

A writer often has a muse to inspire them, and to give them ideas about what to write, and in this case, the writer is acting as your muse, giving YOU ideas about ways to make money from home with your own, one-person, home based business!

Thanks, Many Blessings, and Good Luck!