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Did YOU Know? A Good Writer Can Help You Promote Your Website And Online Business!

For the benefit of those of you who walked in after the movie started, here’s something you may have missed. A good writer can help you promote your website and your online business! How? Well, when you or someone you hire, writes something new and fresh, and you post it online, whether on your blog or directly onto your website, it almost immediately gets noticed by Google, because they constantly have their computers scouring the Internet looking for new pages, new information, new photos, new videos, new content of any kind.

Google is, after all, the world leader in online search engine activity, and they make it their business to know about every new page on the Internet that is “out there.” When you add some new content to your website or blog, Google notices that as well, even though your site is just one of 1.9 billion. Talk about a needle in a haystack. Of course there are loads on inactive websites, blogs, and web pages, but there are still about 200 million active websites.

You want to be noticed, you want people to find you, and you have to take steps towards that goal. You cannot just start a website, sit back, and hope someone finds you. Nothing will happen if you don’t put some effort into your new enterprise.

What can you do? Well, initially… you can send an effective email message to everyone you know, and if you don’t know what to write in an effective email, then a writer-for-hire can write something good for you to send. You can also start a blog, and if you don’t know exactly how to do that, a good writer for hire can create a new blog for you!

Then you might consider having a good writer add content to your blog on a regular basis! You can have links embedded into the text, like the one you just read over (in blue) and these links would take people who click on them… directly to your website!

Let’s say you’re selling or renting Baby Cribs, Strollers, and Other Baby Supplies, then you can have a series of articles or blog postings, with titles that are phrases someone might type into their search engine, such as Google. When someone clicks on the article or blog posting, and then they see a link, like the one above, and when they click on that link, they can be transported to YOUR website where you sell or rent the Baby Cribs, or whichever product that article or posting is talking about!

These are just a few of the ways that a good writer can help you promote your website and online business! Stay tuned for more advice, information, and tips about promoting your business with good writing, and please see a few other pages here at (and bookmark the site):

Thanks and Many Blessings!