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How To Earn Money From Home With My Own Home Based Business?

Did YOU ask something about How To Earn Money from Home with My Own Home Based Business? Or maybe something like that?

These days there are millions of adult Americans who earn money from home with their own home based business, and you can also become one of us! 

One Great Idea: Some people dream of having a website of their own, and this is a very doable activity, especially in this day and age. You do not even have to build the website from scratch. You don’t even have to know much about computers. There are actually website hosting companies that will provide you with a pre-made website of your own, instantly, and it’s already stocked with thousands of products that come from a wholesale supplier that works in conjunction with that hosting company!

For example; please take a look at: to see what I mean, and if you are not interested in a website, please bookmark that one for when you want to do some serious gift shopping online! I could always use a few new customers!

If you DO want a website, of your own, similar to that one, you can easily get one from these folks seen here!

A few good things about a website like that are:

You can add as many pages of your own or other products as you like, whenever you like.

You can delete any of the items or whole categories if you want to delete any of them.

You can set your own prices; slightly above your cost, normal retail, a slight discount to retail, the MSRP (Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price), or even slightly or way above the MSRP.

Every night the companies synchronize your website with the supplier’s inventory. So, if there are new products, they will appear on your website, and items that are no longer available will be removed!

You can choose your own look from over a dozen templates, you can create your own logo, and choose a name that suits your business. You can also have the hosting company secure a domain name (a dot-com) and point it to your website.

When someone places an order, and buys something from your website, the funds can be transferred via PayPal and then you turn around and buy the items at wholesale prices and have the wholesale supplier send the items to your customer on your behalf.

Nothing could be easier or more fun, but you will have to work at promoting your website; emails, social media, advertisements, blogs, videos, however you wish to promote your site, but you will have to put forth some effort.

There’s NO reason to be lonely and bored, especially if you have a computer or access to one! There’s also NO reason to be broke! YOU can make money online, and it will give you something to do, and it can change your life!

Another Great Idea: There are some folks around the good old U.S.A. who buy a few dozen “somethings,” at wholesale prices, then they resell the somethings to people in their neighborhood or community.

They usually buy something at wholesale that is not already available at every corner store, something that is small and light weight, and thus; it’s easy to carry. They also look at something that people will buy on impulse. Which is a reason to buy something that isn’t sold everywhere you go!

For example, in all fifty states it is perfectly legal to own and carry a non-lethal, self-defense pepper spray, but they don’t happen to sell these Pepper Sprays at every corner store, so as a result, most people don’t already have one.

In these four states; MA, MI, NY, and WI, they have very specific rules and laws as to where and how you may buy a pepper spray, but for people in the other 46 states, this can be a very lucrative business. (I know, I’ve been peddling them for years!)

Click below to learn more:

Selling non-lethal, self-defense Pepper Sprays is Very Lucrative! You just might want to try it!

Most people do not already carry a self-defense pepper spray, and simply because they just never happened to buy one quite yet. Pepper Sprays are really great to have on hand, just in case. It’s better to have one and not need it, rather than to need one and not have it.

Another Great Idea: You can do work for people, via the Internet, on a website such as or something similar. If you have any sort of service that you can provide, a service for which others will pay you: writing, bookkeeping, graphic design, customer service, and the list goes on, there are businesses out there, and self-employed people out there, who will pay you to do the specialized work for them.

Another Great Idea: You can get involved with a direct sales organization, such as Avon or Fuller Brush, or a multi-level-marketing company, such as Youngevity or Herbalife, and when you sell products for these types of companies, they will also give you a website of your own. It’s actually a URL of your own; it’s a portal that leads to their master website, but when people enter the website through YOUR own personal URL, then YOU get credit for the sales, and you get the commission on whatever they purchase.

When someone else decides they want to also start selling and making money, and they want to join the MLM company, and they join through you, then the company will pay you a tiny percentage of what they’re selling as well, at least in the case of the MLM or Network Marketing companies. Those two opportunities can also be done face-to-face in your town, if you do not want to work online. You can also sell from catalogs to people through the mail, or face-to-face in your town.

Another Great Idea: If you like the idea of selling from catalogs, but NOT Network Marketing OR Multi-Level Marketing, then I might be able to help you… MY website has thousands of great gift items, but we put out these 32 page Christmas Collection catalogs that feature many items that will make a great Christmas Gift! You can buy some of these catalogs, and even a couple of our HUGE catalogs with many hundreds of pages, and you can show them to your friends, relatives, neighbors, co-workers, people at school, work, or church, whomever you want!

When people want to place an order (and they will, because most people LOVE to buy stuff out of catalogs) they will tell you what they want, you make a master list of the items you will need to fulfill the orders, and also collect the money, right up front! After you need at least 8 or 10 items, you would send us an email, mentioning specifically what products you need, we will send you a PayPal invoice, and after you pay that, you will be left with a profit of about 20% to 25% and we will have the products shipped right to your door, then you can deliver them to your people.

You can learn more about it right here: find an easy way for me to earn extra holiday cash from home

Well, if you really want to earn extra cash from home, or even develop it into a full time income, there are several great ideas for you to consider, and there are millions of people around the United States who are already earning money using one or more of those methods! I know, because I have had loads of people like that, who have hired me to write for them as a ghost writer, at one time or another!

You ought to choose something that appeals to you and then get started right away! Don’t be wishy-washy and put it off and procrastinate! Just remember those inspiring words of Lao-tzu from 2500 years ago; “A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.”

Take that first step!

Good Luck & Many Blessings!


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