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How Can I Promote My New Website? Daily Or Twice A Day Blog Writing Is Very Helpful When Promoting A Website!

Are YOU the proud new owner of your own website and you asked the question, “How can I promote my new website?”

This question is a common one amongst people who have their own websites, and since there are about 200 million active websites on The Internet, out of the 1.9 billion total websites, you really need to put some serious effort into promoting your website, so that you can attract attention and visitors to your website.

Some people use their social media accounts, as well as making some interesting or informative videos on a platform such as YouTube, to also help promoting their websites.

You will also need some good writing in the form of new additional website pages, blog postings, informational pages, how-to materials, advertisements, sales letters, or promotional emails.

If you are not into writing, or maybe you don’t have the time to do the writing, or perhaps you don’t know what to write… there are no worries, because you can easily hire someone… a ghost writer, to do that writing for you!

All of these forms of writing can help to promote your website, because every time your website has new content added to it, the Google algorithms (the Google spiders) notice the additional new content and new text and this can help you move up in the search rankings.

Just as spiders crawl around your home, the Google spiders crawl around The Internet constantly, and they notice every new page, website, or paragraph of text.

This is a major reason why many website owners add some new content on a regular basis. I add new content to my blogs and websites daily, and sometimes multiple times each day!

I often have people hire me to write materials for them, as a ghost writer or “writer for hire,” because they know the importance of adding new content frequently!

Whether you choose to add new content daily, every other day, once or twice a week, or even a few times a month, it is extremely important that you add new content if you really want to be noticed by the search engines!

By the way, remember the old adage; You Get What You Pay For!

If you pay someone a measly five or ten bucks, just one or two times, for one or two pieces of writing, and that’s all you do to promote your website, then nothing will probably happen. It takes way more effort and work than that. This is a reason why many people will hire a writer to do the writing for them. Most folks can come up with a page or two or three on their own, but beyond that they might have no idea what else to write!

Also, don’t be duped by the people online who tell you that for just five or ten dollars, they can get you a million website visitors, because they “claim” that they have a magical way of getting you a million visitors. This is a huge waste of time and money. You might as well buy a lottery ticket. Good things take time, and many things take some effort, some work, some patience, and some persistence.

My main website, which we’ve had for going on ten years now, was very slow going in the beginning. First there was only one order each month, for the first few months. Then there was about one order a week, for another couple of months. Then there were two or three orders a week for a couple of months. It was slow and it took time to build up some traffic and some momentum. (Good things take time!)

In the meantime, while waiting for the website to pick up,  we kept writing and writing and writing new website pages, new blog postings, new article marketing pieces, and other new tidbits of information, entertainment, and so forth.

Do you want proof? Try this:

Copy and paste this phrase into Google: 

Grandmother’s Magical Silk Prayer Cloth

Then see what is the very first thing listed on the first page of search results! The phrase does not mention Jennifer, nor does it mention Father Time, but it will lead you to MY website, where we feature Good Luck Charms and Amulets that really work!

In fact, you can also Google that phrase: 

Good Luck Charms and Amulets that really work!

When you get the first page of results, and after skipping over the Paid Advertisements (which many people do) you will see MY website listed at least a couple of times!

If YOU are really serious about the success of your new blog, your new website, or your new online enterprise, then in addition to doing a bit of your own writing, and making your videos, and sending out emails, you really should Hire a Writer to Help You! (That link takes you to a different website of mine, where I offer great writing services!)

Why not put the odds of success in your favor? Treat your website like a business, because it can bring you financial returns such as you never imagined, but it won’t happen the first month, nor the second month, and it won’t happen overnight! Good things take time! A business takes time to grow and evolve.

There are many home based business opportunities that people get involved with, but then they quit within a few weeks, or a few days, or a few hours, and consequently they do not earn any money. It’s sad, because if they only treated the opportunity like a real business or a real job, and if they stuck with it, and if they stayed focused and would keep working, they could eventually grow it into something substantial. You can do the same!

Good Luck & Many Blessings!