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How Easily Can I Get My Own Website And Earn Money From Home?

Did YOU ask a question, something like: How Easily Can I Get My Own Website And Earn Money From Home?

These days there really are millions of adult Americans who earn money from home with their own home based business, and some of them do it with their very own website, and you can also become one of us!

Some people dream of having a website of their own, and this is a very doable activity, especially in this day and age. You do not even have to build the website from scratch. You don’t even have to know much about computers.

There are actually website hosting companies out there that will provide you with a pre-made website of your own, instantly, and it’s already stocked with thousands of products that come from a wholesale supplier that works in conjunction with that hosting company!

You don’t have to buy products or keep an inventory. After someone orders something from YOU on your website, and of course they pay you for it, then you turn around and buy the item AT A LOWER PRICE from the wholesale supplier, and they will ship it directly to your customer for you. It’s great, it’s easy, it’s fun, and it’s profitable!

For example of what I am talking about; please take a look at this website (it’s okay, it’s MINE):


Even if you decide that you are not interested in having a website of your own, please bookmark that one for when you want to do some serious gift shopping online! I could always use a few new retail customers!

If you DO want a website of your own, you can have one similar to mine, and you can easily get one instantly from these folks seen here!

A few good things about a website like that are as follows:

You can actually add as many pages of your own or other merchandise as you like, whenever you like. Just as I have added Gift Baskets, Emergency Supplies, and of course my Writing Services, amongst others! 

You can delete any of the items or delete whole categories if you want to delete any of them.

You can set your own prices; slightly above your cost, normal retail, a slight discount to retail, the MSRP (Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price), or even slightly or way above the MSRP. It’s your website to do with as you please.

Every night the two companies will synchronize your website with the supplier’s inventory. So, if there are new products available, they will suddenly appear on your website when the nightly update occurs, and items that are no longer available will be removed from your site!

You can choose your own look from over a dozen templates, you can choose the color scheme that you like, you can create your own logo, and you can choose a name that suits your business. You can also have the hosting company secure a domain name (a dot-com) and point it to your website… that’s a measly $19.95 and the name will be yours for a full year starting the day that you get it. As far as the hosting of the website goes, you can just pay monthly at first, but you would save a bunch of money if you paid for a whole year in advance! 

When someone places an order and buys something from you on your website, the funds can be transferred to you via PayPal… you do not need to have a Mastercard and Vosa merchant account through a bank or a credit card processing company! After they order and pay you, the website will send you an email to let you know that you have an order, and PayPal will send you an email to tell you that You’ve Got Money!

Next, you turn around and buy the items at wholesale prices from the wholesale supplier, and you can PayPal them the wholesale price plus shipping, and then that wholesale supplier will send the items to your customer on your behalf. You can even decide how much or how little to charge for shipping on your website! 

Nothing could be easier or more fun, but you will have to work at promoting your website; emails, social media, advertisements, blogs, videos, or however else that you wish to promote your website, but you will have to put forth some effort. You can’t just get a website, then sit back and do nothing, because nothing will happen.

If you are a person who is feeling lonely, bored, and maybe even broke… There’s NO reason to be lonely and bored, especially if you have a computer or access to one! There’s also NO reason to be broke! YOU can make money online, and a business enterprise like this will actually give you something to do to occupy your time, and it can change your life! Especially when you start making money!

Good Luck & Many Blessings!