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Can I Make Money Selling Self-Defense Pepper Sprays?

My name is Jennifer and I am about to share a secret with YOU that will change your life! Seriously! If you’re an adult, here in the USA, then you need to read this!

I have been selling online for many years. I have also been writing loads of materials to attract attention to my various websites. I have also been writing for others as a ghost-writer. And, I have been making money by selling non-lethal, self-defense, Pepper Sprays to people in my area! You will want to hear my story!

I was sick and tired of hearing about girls and women of all ages getting attacked. I knew that self-defense pepper sprays existed and that they were legal in Florida, just as they are in all 50 United States, but they don’t sell them at every corner store. I sought out a wholesale supplier, and bought a large quantity of key chain pepper sprays, and I started peddling them to women (and even some men) everywhere that I would go. It was a lucrative way to earn money, and I still do it today!


Can I Make Money Selling Self-Defense Pepper Sprays?


After a while, I decided to get into the wholesale business, as well, because a couple of girls that I knew, also wanted to sell pepper sprays. Now, you may be wondering how this concerns you! Just think of me as your cousin in the wholesale business. That’s right, even if you do not own a store, or even a business, I will sell you a small quantity of non-lethal, self-defense Pepper Spray Keychains at wholesale prices, and then YOU can turn around and sell them to whomever you wish, and however you want!

Here’s the best part… you can earn CASH, on the spot! You can get a measly 3 dozen sprays, for about five bucks each, and you can sell them for Ten to Fifteen Dollars EACH! Let’s say you’re at the bank, the post office, the neighborhood park, or the parking lot at your kid’s school. You get talking to a lady you know, a friend, a co-worker, or whoever. You tell her about the Pepper Sprays, you pull one out to show her, in its beautiful sealed packaging, and she decides to buy one, or two, or three, right then and there, and she hands you CASH! Nothing could be easier or more fun, and nothing could be more profitable, especially in this day and age.

You will always hear people say something like; “I always wanted to get one of those, but did not know where to buy one!” Then they will buy one, or they’ll arrange to get one tomorrow, on the weekend, on pay day, whenever! They will often buy one for their sister, best girlfriend, or college aged daughter.

Although pepper sprays are legal in all fifty states, there are four states that have very specific laws and rules as to where and how you may buy one; Massachusetts, Michigan, New York, and Wisconsin. But if you are an adult, and you’re in one of the other 46 states, then you can buy a small quantity of key chain pepper sprays seen here and as soon as they arrive, you can start selling them and earning CASH!

These are brand new, top quality, non-lethal, self-defense, Pepper Sprays, and they’re Made in the U.S.A. They’re also HOTTER than ordinary pepper sprays. Usually, pepper sprays are 10% Oleo Resin Capsicum, but these are 18% Oleo Resin Capsicum.

Here’s a photo, and you can click on it for more info:


So, if you need more money, want to earn more money, and you think you would like to try this lucrative way to earn some CASH, then place your order. Even if you suck at selling, you will still some by accident. If you don’t sell them all, you can use the remainder as Christmas Gifts. But guess what? You WILL be able to sell them, because people need them and want them, and they don’t already have one!

Have a Great Day! Make it Count!

Thanks & Many Blessings!