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What Can The Kids Sell Around The Neighborhood To Earn Extra Cash For The Family?

My name is Jennifer and I am about to share an idea with YOU that is so unique, that it will change your life, as well as the lives of your kids! Seriously! If you would like to help your kids develop confidence, self-esteem, communication ability, courage, and sales ability, then you need to read this!

I have been selling online for many years. I have also been writing loads of materials to attract attention to my various websites. I have also been writing for others as a ghost-writer. And, I have been earning extra cash by peddling merchandise, since I was 12 years old!

That’s right! As a twelve year old girl, I used to sell things door to door in my neighborhood, as well as on a table in my front yard. I am thankful that I developed sales ability, as well as good communication ability, confidence, self-esteem, courage, and many other great skills. Things like these are learned and developed.

Anyway… you’re wondering how this applies to you? Well, your children might be in the mood to earn some extra money for themselves, or maybe the family is planning a vacation and you need all the cash you can get your hands on. Or maybe life is so expensive right now, and the bills are piling up. Maybe you just don’t want the kids to grow up timid, shy, quiet, and afraid of their own shadows, just as many young adults are today! Have you noticed a large amount of people in their 20s and 30s with no communication ability, no personality, and they’re quiet as a church mouse?

Most schools, at one time or another during the school year, host a fundraiser, and the students hit up all the neighbors, friends and relatives with whatever the school is selling; candy bars for five bucks, plastic buckets of popcorn, packages of wrapping paper, and the list goes on! Most people are willing to buy things from kids who knock on their doors, or from the kids selling stuff on the front lawn.

You can get your hands on some wholesale merchandise, and the kids can sell it in your neighborhood. Now, you would not want them to lie to the neighbors and say that it’s a school fundraiser when it is not. But they don’t have to say anything. “Hello Mrs. Jones, we’re selling these great packages of Christmas Cards, and wondered if you would like to buy some? They are only seven bucks a pack!”

Now, Mrs. Jones probably needs some Christmas Cards, with the holidays quickly approaching, so she will probably buy some! Your kids will get excited because they made a sale, and it will inspire them to knock on more door, and sell some more of the cards.

So, now you are wondering where to get these Christmas Cards at wholesale prices? Well, think of ME as your cousin in the wholesale business, because in addition to being a brilliant writer-for-hire, as seen here, I am also into selling merchandise in my community and online, and both at retail, and wholesale! It’s good to diversify when you are enterprising, and success comes to those who try different things and who do different things! Here is the information about the cards!

Also, there are other things the kids can sell, and things they can do to help the family earn money, whether it’s for a family vacation, that huge list of Christmas Gift Shopping that needs to be done, or maybe you’re going to let them keep the money! Kids should learn about working and earning money, and it will help them develop into young adults! You want them to be a success, don’t you? Why not teach them, and help them learn about dealing with people, and developing some powers of persuasion, and to be enterprising? Don’t you wish your folks nudged you into something like that? I did not get nudged, I asked.

Also keep in mind that whatever cards they do not sell, can be sent out by the family when the holidays get closer. After all, you’re buying a bunch at wholesale prices, because I am your cousin in the wholesale business!

As  far as the writing goes, I did not just start selling at age twelve, but that is also when I started writing. These days, I do a lot of writing to promote my own websites, and other people hire me as a ghost writer or a writer for hire to write for them to help them promote their websites! There are over 200 million active websites on the Internet, out of the 1.9 billion total, and if you want your website to be noticed, then you have to do something to promote it!

Now, if you’re too busy, or you don’t know what to write, or you can’t write, don’t feel bad, just consider hiring a writer-for-hire like me, to do the writing for you! If you’ve read this far, it’s because you were captivated by my writing style, and what I had to say in this posting. I can do the same for you and your website!

Do you have a blog already? How often do you update it? If you don’t have a blog already, I can build one for you, to help you get started! Then I can also write posts for you, as often or as infrequently as you want, and you can write some of your own as well. You need to promote your website or your online business! Good writing will help!

As far as those kids go, you will be doing them an enormous favor by helping them develop into little entrepreneurs, if they can handle it, because a person who can fend for themselves is so much better off than the many who cannot. I have a wholesale customer who is a college girl, and she peddles loads of self-defense pepper sprays on her campus, and is making money hand overt fist…and it’s in CASH!

If Christmas Cards are not the way that you think your kids should go, I have many other items on my website that might work for you and them, so take a look: https://www.PriceDoesNotMatter.com

Have a Great Day & Many Blessings!