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I Need To Find A Good Writer! Did YOU Say That?

Maybe YOU ended up here on this page because you Googled the phrase I Need To Find A Good Writer, or maybe you said something similar to that!

(At the end of this piece, there’s PROOF that good writing will work!)

Maybe you were already here on WordPress reading blogs and you were perusing the various postings about blog writing, writers, website pages, ghost writers, and writers-for-hire!

Do you have a blog or a website, or are you thinking of starting one? If so, then you probably need someone to do some quality writing for you!

Whether you do any writing of your own or not, you are aware of the extreme importance of adding some good, new, fresh content to your blog or website as often as possible.

Writing effectively really help your website or blog move up in the search rankings, and that is usually the goal of anyone who has a website or blog, and who wants to do business online… moving up in the search engine rankings is very important. This will lead to you finding or attracting more visitors, and as a result… securing more followers, fans, subscribers, et cetera, and more importantly… SALES!


I Need To Find A Good Writer


When you write something new and fresh, or you have a ghost writer who writes it for you, and then you post the writing online, it will always get noticed by Google, because they constantly have their computers scouring the Internet looking for new pages, new information, new photos, new videos, new content of any kind.

After all, Google is the world leader of online search engines, and they make it their business to know about every new webpage out there.

Whenever you add some new writing, some new content to your website, Google notices that as well, even though your site is just one of 1.9 billion. Talk about a needle in a haystack. Of course, only about 200 million are active, so the proverbial haystack is not quite as large as we might think, but it’s still a needle in a haystack scenario. 

I always write things for others, as a writer-for-hire, at a flat rate. Many of my writing clients are men and women in the U.S.A. who have their own little home-based business, perhaps a website of their own, or maybe they’re involved in a multi-level marketing company, and they have their own URL to the company’s website. All of these folks know that they have to put some time, money, and effort into attracting customers to their website.

There are also people who hire me because they have a business where they deal with people face-to-face, in their hometown or community, and they need to attract attention to the business.

There are doctors, lawyers, dentists, plumbers, auto repair shops, lawn maintenance services, accountants, bookkeepers, hair and nail salons, real estate offices, barber shops, restaurants, consignment shops, painters, and electricians, who want to attract attention to their websites, because they know that when people Google whatever it is that they’re offering, they want to show up in the search results.

No one seems to use those archaic yellow phone books or yellow pages anymore, they simply use their computer, their tablet, their notebook, or even their smart phone, and they use a search engine (usually Google) to find what they’re looking for! So, everyone wants to show up in the search results.

That’s why YOU really need some good writing to attract visitors to your website. Just as this piece will attract visitors to MY website, or at least on the pages where I offer for sale… my writer-for-hire services! AND if you don’t have a blog, I can actually be hired to create one, and set it up for you!

So, for whatever the reason that YOU said, “I need to find a good writer” I can help you! What did you have in mind? Contact me and let me know.

Just for kicks… type this into Google and see what the first few results look like, and even click on “images” once you’re on the first page of results: Jennifer’s Love Attracting Flaming Ritual Kit 

The first page of Google results, is dominated by MY website of FatherTimePublishing.com where we sell Good Luck Charms and Amulets that really work! How do you suppose I accomplished those results?

Here’s to your success!

Thanks and Many Blessings!