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Another Great Way To Earn Extra Money For Holiday Shopping, Or Any Time Of Year!

Have YOU ever asked yourself a question such as “What’s a great way to earn extra money for holiday shopping? But before I proceed…

There was once a very brilliant writer and businessman named Earl Nightingale, and you can find videos on YouTube with his very powerful motivational messages!

Earl Nightingale always gave really great advice for those who were willing to take his great advice. After you read this whole page, come back and watch this video:

How Would You Like To Earn Extra Money From Home? You Can!

By the way, I know about many money making opportunities because as a ghost writer, I have loads of small business owners, and self-employed people, and home based business entrepreneurs, who hire ME to write materials for them! So, I have a bit of an edge, and know about the “ins and outs” of several great businesses!

Anyway, have you ever been somewhere, maybe at someone’s home, or a breakroom at work, and someone had an Avon Catalog? No, I am not suggesting Avon to you, although it is a splendid opportunity, even in this day and age! Have you noticed that when someone was looking at the catalog, a few other people got excited and said something like; “Oh, an Avon catalog, please let me see it when you’re done!”

For some reason, people LOVE to shop from catalogs… they really do! Why do they love shopping from catalogs? I have no idea, but they do love it!

Okay, so without getting involved in a big company like Avon, and without getting into an MLM company, also known as Network Marketing, YOU can sell merchandise from catalogs, if only you knew someone in the wholesale business, such as a friend or cousin!

Well, think of ME as your cousin in the wholesale business! On my awesome website PriceDoesNotMatter.com I have a listing where you can get some catalogs of delightful merchandise, with the retail prices printed, however MY website, name, address, and phone number DO NOT appear anywhere on the catalogs!

You can show these catalogs to friends, relatives, neighbors, people at school, work, or church, and encourage them to place an order with you if they see anything they like. After all, this is the time of the year when people begin doing some shopping for the holidays, so most people who you show these catalogs to, will find a few things they want to get as gifts for others!

You make a list of the things they want, collect the money, add in a little for tax and shipping, and then take the catalog back and loan it to someone else. Try to get as many orders as you can. Once you need at least 8 or 10 items, hopefully more, then you email ME with a list of what you need. I will figure the amount you need to submit to cover the wholesale costs and the shipping, and then you will PayPal that amount, and you will be left with at least 20% profit, and you will already have the cash in hand. You can do this one time, two times, or over and over again for as long as you like.

Nothing could be easier, or more fun, or more exciting. Imagine someone wants $80 worth of stuff, and someone else wants $100, and another customer orders $150, and four different people choose just one item that sell for 20 bucks. That’s $410 in orders, and your profit could end up being between 80 and 100 dollars!

So, go watch that video and get motivated, and then visit my website and take a look, and then place an order for the catalogs, and get started! Life is too short to be broke, struggling, lonely and bored! Take action! Change your life!

Thanks and Many Blessings!