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Sell More Merchandise Online With Good Writing!

Maybe you ended up here on this page because you Googled a phrase such as; How To Sell More Merchandise Online With Good Writing?, or something similar to that!

By the way: At the end of this piece, there’s PROOF that a good writer can help you promote your website! I have been writing for several decades, and I have also been writing as a ghost for many others. I have done writing jobs large and small. In the past ten years, I’ve done a lot of writing jobs for people who had their own website, and that’s what caused me to start developing a few websites of my own.

My websites have been successful because of good writing!

When you have a website of your own, and people come to visit, it makes sense to have good product descriptions, good informative pages, such as “About Us,” “terms of service,” and so forth. Pages that people can read and easily understand. Writing that will make them feel comfortable to do business with you. Have you ever seen a blog posting, a Craig’s List ad, a website page, or an eBay listing that was so poorly written that it looked like an 8 year old child wrote it? I sure have! And I always wonder how those people expect others to do business with them!

If you want some good quality writing on your website, and you cannot do it yourself, not to worry, because you can hire a writer to do the writing for you!

Another thing about adding good writing to your website, is that whenever you add something new, and especially worthwhile, then Google will take notice of it, and this will help your site move up in the search engine rankings. In fact, it’s a great idea to add new content to your site as often as possible, and the more the better!

If you will copy and paste the following phrase into Google, then press search, you will get to the first page of results, and you will see several listings of MY FatherTimePublishing dot com. It’s a website where we offer good luck charms and amulets that really work! Try it:

Father Time’s Good Luck Amulet Card

Did you notice that I am dominating the first page? And I have not paid for advertising on Google. (Many people might not know it, but they have become a behemoth in the advertising business.) Lots of good writing over the years, has helped us with that website, which we’ve had for nearly ten years now. (Yes, you can actually Google a URL, including the www. and the .com and then find out how long the website has been around!)

So, if you are too busy to do the writing yourself, or you don’t know what to write, or you don’t feel you have the writing skills (don’t feel bad, most folks don’t) then you should hire a writer to write for you. He or she just might be able to help you sell more merchandise online with good writing!

Thanks and Many Blessings!