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PriceDoesNotMatter.com Where You Can Shop For Individual Gifts, Buy Small Quantities Of Merchandise At Wholesale, Earn Extra Cash Selling From Catalogs, Or Hire A Writer To Write For You!

I keep adding new blog posts here for several reasons;

#1: Every time I add a new posting, Google takes notice, just as they always do anytime anyone adds content to their website or blog!

Adding some new blog posts on a regular basis is a great way to have your website noticed by Google, and that’s really what you need to do as well, if you have a website of your own, so that your website can attract more online visitors.

A package deal of blog posts might be just what you need.

#2: I really want to attract much more traffic here at ineedtofindagoodwriter.com, and on my various other websites such as…

#3: PriceDoesNotMatter.com is an awesome website where you can shop for individual gifts for yourself or others, you can buy small quantities of merchandise at wholesale (Just think of me as your cousin in the wholesale business.), you can earn extra cash by selling cool merchandise from catalogs, or you can hire a writer (little old me) to write great content for you!

#4: I want to attract some writing clients, because I have spent years writing for others as a ghost, and although I’ve had my share of BIG writing jobs, I have done many smaller writing jobs in the form of blog posts and website pages!

#5: You might need an About Me Page. Maybe you’re involved with a big company, such as Avon, Fuller Brush, Watkins or Herbalife, and you have your own URL to their company website, but you need a strong “About Me” Page. Well, I can write that for you as well… when people use your URL, they can see a nice descriptive page about YOU! I will help you win them over so that they will be more likely to place an order with you!

#6: I know that as the Christmas Season is quickly approaching, there are millions of people who need more money, and if just a few of them are interested, they can sell merchandise from catalogs that feature some of the gift items on my website. It’s a great way to earn extra cash or even a lot of cash, if someone is willing to work. Showing or loaning catalogs to people is fun and easy, and people seem to really love ordering things from catalogs.

Let’s say you wanted to try it… you would order a kit that has a bunch of catalogs. You would show them to friends, relatives, neighbors, people at school, church, or work. When someone wants to buy a few things, collect the money, make a list of what’s needed, and then let me know via email exactly what items you need. I would inform you how much to submit usually via PayPal, and then you end up with a 20% to 25% profit.

#7: I have also written poetry, song lyrics, greeting card verses, advertising materials, instructional and “how-to” materials, pamphlets, brochures, booklets, magazine and newspaper articles, résumés, press releases, and sales letters.

Whatever your writing needs may be, I am confident that I can help you. Please have a look around this site to see more about my writing style. You can also click on the links above to learn more about my services and prices.

So, for these reasons, and several others, I keep adding new content daily or several times daily! Life is too short to be bored, lonely, or broke, and these days ANYONE can make money from home if they really want to!

Good Luck and Many Blessings!