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I Am Your Cousin In The Wholesale Business! You Can Buy Wholesale Merchandise And Resell The Items For Cash Profits!

Well, I may not really be your cousin, but you can think of me as your cousin in the wholesale business! These days everyone wants to earn extra cash. If you enjoy selling, peddling merchandise, like to earn cash under the radar, want to earn extra money for the holidays, or want to buy a bunch of gifts for others but at HUGE savings, then you will be glad that you landed here!

If you’re an adult here in the U.S.A. then you can buy small quantities of wholesale gift items on MY website! I am actually a writer, and make plenty of dough as a writer-for-hire, but I also sell merchandise both retail and wholesale!

Sure, there are some wholesale suppliers who will only sell to other businesses, or they might have huge minimum order requirements… But YOU do not have to own a store or a business in order to buy some wholesale merchandise from me!

My PriceDoesNotMatter.com is an awesome website where you can shop for individual gifts for yourself or others, or you can buy small quantities of merchandise at wholesale prices! (Just think of me as your cousin in the wholesale business.) You can actually earn extra cash by selling cool merchandise from catalogs, or you can buy small quantities of cool wholesale items, and then peddle them to people in your neighborhood, town, or community!

Of course, if you found me because you are looking for a great writer-for-hire, then I am happy to help you with your writing needs!

But back to the wholesale discussion… Picture yourself waiting for your kids to come out of the school, and talking to other mothers. You show them some non-lethal, self-defense Pepper Sprays. Three of the women pull out fifteen dollars and buy one from you, and one lady hands you thirty dollars and buys two. The best part is, you bought them at wholesale for only five bucks each!

How about this scenario: You buy a bunch of small boxes of nice Christmas Cards at wholesale, and your children sell them at a table on the front lawn, or you supervise as they knock on all the doors in the neighborhood. Without them saying it is a school fundraiser, the neighbors will think it is, and the neighbors will gladly pay five dollars a box. Your kids are excited because you’re giving them a dollar on each box they sell, something the school fundraisers never do! Meanwhile the boxes only cost you $1 each, so you are profiting 3 Dollars per Box, and that money can go towards the next family vacation, or to help with Christmas Gift Shopping, or some other fun, family activity!

Maybe you’re a single guy or gal, who has a job, but needs more money, and rather than get a second job, you’re not afraid to try peddling something cool to your friends, neighbors, co-workers. You need something that you can buy at wholesale prices, but in small quantities, and it has to be something that people will buy on impulse!

Alternatively, since most people LOVE to look at catalogs, and even order merchandise from them, you can show some great gift catalogs around, take orders, collect payments, and when you’re ready to order at least ten items, I will sell you the things, and you will be left with at least a twenty to twenty-five percent profit!

The bottom line is this: these days there are SO MANY ways to earn extra cash, and if you do not have a service to provide to others, for which they will pay you, then you need to sell some sort of products or merchandise. If you do not own a business or a store, you may still buy wholesale merchandise from me, as long as you’re an adult within the United States.

Whatever you decide to do… please do something! You deserve to make more money, have more money, and be able to buy what you want, dine where you want, and take trips to wherever you want!

Good Luck & Many Blessings!