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Motivation For People With Their Own Home Based Business

Here is some motivation for people with their own home based business. If you’re fairly new to the business, whatever it may be, and you’re already getting discouraged, then DON’T! You must persevere, you must stay focused, you must press on!

Never let it get you down when things are going slow in the beginning, because things always go slow in the beginning. You have to keep pushing forward, step by step, day by day, and you have to stay focused on the goals that you’ve set for yourself. If you have not yet set goals for yourself and your new business, then take a sheet of paper and write some down. Where would you like to be in a week? A month? Three months? Six months from now?

What do you want to do with the money you are eventually hoping to earn? If you plan to buy something expensive, then cut a photo of it out of a magazine or catalog, and tape it up on the bathroom mirror. If you want to take a vacation trip to somewhere wonderful, grab some photos of that place online, print them out, and post them on the bathroom mirror. This way, every single morning, and every single evening, you will be reminded of what you want to accomplish.

If you are in some sort of direct sales, network marketing, or multi-level marketing, then every single day you have to connect with and converse with at least a few people. These new prospects can be friends, relatives, neighbors, acquaintances, or even total strangers, but you have to speak to at least a few people every single day. Force yourself to do this, if you have to. When you are pumping gas at the gas station, and there is someone on the other side of the pump, and you two make eye contact, you should say “hello,” and start up a conversation.

The people in this life who are the most successful, are the ones who are willing to do the things that most people do not want to do! In sales, if you want to succeed, you must push yourself to say and do things that most people are not willing to do. The more people you speak to, the more people you will find who want to buy your products or services. If you hear people say “no,” or “no thank you,” do not worry, because it’s a proven fact; “Every NO gets you closer to a YES!” Sales people have been hearing that old adage for many decades.

If you have a website of your own, you have to work at promoting it every single day. You have to create some new pages, because the search engines, of which Google is the largest, always notice when new pages appear on the Internet. The more they have reason to notice your website, the more likely you are to move up in the search engine rankings.

You should also be writing a daily blog, or some article marketing pieces, or posting some blurbs on social media, to attract attention to your website. After all, there are currently 1.9 billion websites on the Internet, and if you want yours to get noticed, then you have to do something to attract attention to it! Doing some daily writing is a good idea, and if you can’t do the writing yourself, for whatever the reason, then you should hire a writer to write for you!

You might have a different type of home based business, and you still need to stay motivated, and inspired, and keep focused on your goals. No matter what your enterprise is, you have to work a bit every single day. As a freelance writer, I do some writing every single day! As a website owner, I add some new pages or content, every single day, and as a person who peddles merchandise around my town, I find at least a few people to speak to, every single day! These are some of the reasons why I am successful in all these things that I do. (By the way, it’s not just about money and earning money, I also do some volunteer work on a weekly basis, and help others when I can!)

They say that “you can’t put all of your eggs in one basket, and that is another old adage that makes a lot of sense. If you are involved in your own self-employed entrepreneurial enterprise, then it is always a great idea to diversify. Why just rely on ONE income stream? You can easily branch out and find other income stream as well.

I might be happy to peddle some non-lethal, self-defense pepper sprays, and when a gal or guy hands me a twenty dollar bill to buy a pepper spray, which I got at wholesale, it’s a bit of a thrill. It is also a thrill when a college girl, buys a few dozen pepper sprays from me online, at wholesale prices, because she is going to resell them to earn cash on her college campus.

It’s exciting to me because (#1) I just made a few bucks on the deal, and (#2) She is going to resell them at a profit, and I feel as though I am helping her improve the quality of her life! In writing this scenario, I may be helping some of YOU, the readers, to get inspired about your own businesses, whatever they may be, and I am excited about that as well. It’s good karma to inspire, motivate, and help others.

In ancient China, there was a great proverb which states; “The person who says it cannot be done should not interrupt the person who is doing it!” As you progress through the various early stages of developing your own business, whether it’s a home based business that you thought up, or even if you’re involved in an MLM or network marketing opportunity, you will no doubt have a few people in your life tell you that you’re wasting your time. These people like to sit at home and do nothing but watch television, and just because they have no gumption, no confidence, no drive, and no desire to succeed, they figure that YOU can’t either. They are wrong, and DO NOT listen to them, because YOU can do anything that you make up your mind to do!

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I enjoy helping others to build their businesses as well. There are 16 million adult Americans who are self employed, but they predict that the figure will soon grow to 42 million and why not? It’s great to work your own hours, be your own boss, and have total control over your own destiny! Why don’t YOU become one of us, if you’re not already?

Thanks & Many Blessings!