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More Easy Ways To Earn Money At Home

Have ever you said something like this; “How Can I Find Some Easy Ways To Earn Money At Home?” If you have, or if you’ve been wondering about something like this, then here is some great news for you!

You may have heard me say, as I’ve said many times before, that JOB stands for Just Over Broke, and it’s so sad that there are millions of adult Americans everywhere who are just barely surviving, they are just barely squeaking by financially.

There is absolutely no need for anyone to be so broke and struggling these days, because just about anyone can easily make some money, working at home, with their own home-based business.

The fact that you might need more money and want more money is not going to go away, disappear or evaporate, so you are going to have to do something to increase your income. I would like to inspire you and motivate you to do “something.” There are so many ways to make money from home, and no matter who you are, there has to be something that you can do!

You can earn extra cash by either:

(A) providing a service for which others will pay you.


(B) selling some products or merchandise

Those are really the only two options you have; provide a service or sell merchandise. With that said, you can do either of these two activities:

(1) face to face with people in your town


(2) online, via the Internet, to people anywhere

In your town there are only a certain amount of people to whom you can provide the service, but if your service is something like painting homes, cleaning swimming pools, landscaping or waxing cars, then you certainly won’t be able to do that for people online.

If you can provide a service for others, remotely via the Internet, such as graphic design, art work, writing, editing, bookkeeping, accounting, and so forth, then those things can be done online, and your customers can be located just about anywhere in the world.

So, you need to decide: A or B …and… 1 or 2

Will you:

Offer a service face-to-face to people in your town?

Offer a service online via the Internet?

Sell merchandise face-to-face to people in your town?

Sell merchandise online via the Internet?

If you want to offer a service to other people, something that you can do that people might pay you to do, whether in your town or via the Internet, the way people will find you is by using a search engine to seek the service they need.

If you want to provide a service in your area, you might do babysitting, dog walking, wash and wax cars, take care of people’s lawns or swimming pools, clean up their yards, or hire yourself out to do odd jobs. These days you can become a driver with a service such as Uber or Lyft.

Maybe you have the skills to be a handy man or wash people’s clothes for them. You can even have people pay you to run errands for them.

You might choose to offer a service that you can do for people online, and it might involve creating artwork for logos or advertisements, or doing some writing, bookkeeping, customer service, typing, sewing, IT tech support, and the list goes on. 

Since almost everyone will use a search engine to find the service that you provide, you will need some sort of an online presence. This does not mean that you have to have a website, it can be a blog, such as the blogs here on WordPress. You can also pay a measly 4 dollars a month, in advance for the year, and WordPress will secure a domain name for you, a domain name of your choosing, as long as it’s available.

If you cannot create a blog for yourself, and write ongoing content to attract search engines such as Google, then you can hire someone to create a good blog site!

If you already have a blog, I can write dynamic pieces like this one, up to 400 words in length each time, and you can post them on your blog; once a week, twice a week, every other day, or even every single day. I also have package deals that will save you money!

If you would like to sell merchandise you can either:

1: Buy wholesale merchandise and peddle it


2: Join a network marketing company which provides you with catalogs and/or your own website


3: Get catalogs of great merchandise that you are able to obtain at wholesale prices, then show the catalogs around and sell the items at retail


4: Develop your own website

If you would like to buy some wholesale merchandise that you can resell in your area, or your community, then you will want something that is small, light weight, and easy to carry a few around with you. It should also be something that people will buy on impulse when they see it.

You might be able to have a garage or yard sale every weekend, and this might include a table of new merchandise that you have purchased at wholesale, as long as you don’t live somewhere that someone might object, such as the neighborhood, town, home owner’s association, and so forth.

You might also want to sell something that is useful or that is a novelty to people when they see it, and have it be something that is not sold at every corner store. If it is something that they sell everywhere, why would people buy it from you, when it’s so readily available everywhere else?

I personally have had loads of success for many years peddling non-lethal, self-defense Pepper Sprays in my town and it’s an easy and profitable business! I actually got involved with the wholesale business as well, because I knew that other people would want to make money peddling pepper sprays in their area. Not everyone already has a self-defense spray, and not everyone knows where to buy one, since you don’t see them at every neighborhood store. 

I have a few wholesale customers who are actually young college girls, and they each make plenty of money by selling these self-defense pepper sprays on their college campuses to fellow students, staff and faculty.

You can easily earn money selling pepper sprays and even if you don’t own a store or a business, you can still buy some self-defense pepper sprays at wholesale and in smaller quantities. We will sell them to any adult who is in the USA, other than the four states where we cannot mail them; MA, MI, NY, and WI. Just think of me as being your cousin in the wholesale pepper spray business! I am your “connection.”

If you want to join a network marketing company, also known as word-of-mouth marketing, as well as multi-level marketing or MLM, then there are many good companies out there. You will just need to find one that has products that appeal to you, and a compensation plan that excites you! Do some online research and choose an opportunity that seems best for you.

If you like the exciting idea of selling merchandise out of catalogs but you do not want to represent a Network Marketing or MLM company, and you just want to sell some great gift items that you can get for less than the retail prices shown in the catalogs, then my website can provide you with those sorts of catalogs, and we can also provide you with the wholesale goods to fulfill the orders. It’s an easy way to earn extra holiday cash from home.

If you want to have your own website, and maybe you do, then you can obtain one through a company that will provide you with a ready made website, already stocked with thousands of items. Perhaps two companies that work together might be of service; one company offers the websites, does the hosting, obtains a domain name for you, and so forth. The other company would be a wholesale supplier that also offers drop shipping.

The term drop shipping means that when your customers buy something from YOU on your website, and they pay you the retail prices that you decide for that item, you then turn around and order those items at wholesale prices and rather than ship or mail them to you, the wholesale supplier ships or mails the items directly to your customer for you.

For a set-up like that, you can get started for less than a hundred bucks. The domain name might cost 20 dollars, and the pre-made website stocked with thousands of great items might cost 50 dollars a month, and even less if you pay for six months or a year in advance. This is not the same as getting a website on your own through a company like Wix or GoDaddy, because what I am describing involves the two companies synchronizing your website each and every might along with the inventory of the wholesale supplier. When new items are obtained by the wholesale company, they will be added to your website, and when items are sold out, they will be removed from your site. See mine below for an example!

You should try having your own website for at least six months or a year and see how you like it, and there’s no obligation, but if you tend to give up on things quickly then this might not be for you, because it takes several months to get a website rolling. You will also have to work to promote it!

In the beginning, when you first start a website, no one will know that you’re online. Your website will be one of 1.9 billion websites out there. You are going to have to work daily at promoting your website; send out emails, post on your social media account, write blog posts, write and post good content online, perhaps place some advertising, and so forth.

Here are two fantastic companies that work in conjunction with each other to provide a scenario I’ve just described. You can instantly have a website of your own with more than 10,000 gift items. The websites they provide are very similar to my PriceDoesNotMatter.com seen here! Please have a look, and if you decide not to get a website, please use mine to do some of your Christmas Shopping!

Life is too short to be broke, bored, lonely, and unable to do the things that you want to do! If you really need more money to enjoy your life more fully, and you’re willing to put some effort into it, then start making more money! You can do it if you really want to! Also be sure to ignore the negative people in your life who say that it can’t be done, because it can be done! Millions of us are doing it! And we all have some negative people in our lives. I always ignore those people, as you should!

The main thing is that you want to get started right away, and do not procrastinate and put it off! You will also need to work hard, stay positive, and be persistent! Do not give up, do not quit, and be sure to ignore anyone in your life who says that you won’t be able to succeed!

You can do anything that you make up your mind to do!

Walt Disney once said, “If you can dream it, you can do it!”

An ancient Chinese proverb also reminds us; “The person who says it cannot be done should not interrupt the person who is doing it.”

Good Luck & Many Blessings!


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