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Maggie Shows Catalogs Of Gift Items To People, Takes Orders, And Makes $200 A Day!

Have you been wondering something like, Where Can I Find A Good Way To Earn Extra Money? If you have been wondering about this, then here is some great news for you!

My regular wholesale customer Maggie actually earns plenty of money, in cash, by selling gift items out of beautiful color catalogs that she bought from my website. You see, I have a website with over ten thousand items, and I ordinarily sell them at retail prices to people who like to shop online.

The main wholesale supplier that I deal with puts out some very nice color catalogs a couple of times a year, and these various catalogs feature many great gift items. The catalogs do not have a company name, address, phone number, or website listed anywhere on them. Maggie orders a small quantity of these catalogs and use them to sell gift items to people in her area; friends, neighbors, relatives, co-workers, people at school or church, and even a few acquaintances and some strangers.

She loans a catalog to someone, asks them to please have a look, and then she explains that she needs it back so that she can show it to other people, since she has a limited number of books. Most people to whom she shows these catalogs will end up finding a few things that they want to buy, whether for themselves or as gifts for others.

When people tell her they want some items, she writes them down, totals up the retail prices shown in the catalogs, then she adds on 10% explaining that it covers tax and shipping. Once she needs about 20 to 25 items, she sends me an email, listing what she needs, I calculate the total she owes for her wholesale price and shipping on the order, then she sends that amount to us via PayPal.

We then ship those items to her directly from our wholesale supplier, and then Maggie distributes the items to her customers. Because she is wise enough to add on the ten percent to the amount she collects from her customers, after she pays for the merchandise, she usually ends up with nearly 30% in commissions or profit. One of Maggie’s orders will usually be for enough merchandise that she made $200 for herself, which she feels is much better than working a job for 8 bucks an hour! She informed me that she can take enough orders in one day to earn the $200 for herself.

This money is a big help to Maggie, because she’s a single mother with two little girls, and she also loves that she can work this business when she wants, and be free when she wants. She has more time to spend with her girls. She also gets a lot of business from the other mothers when she’s dropping the girls off at school, or picking them up from school.

Now, keep in mind that she doesn’t do this every day, she does it about twice or thrice a week. She is also a hustler, she’s not shy, and she’s not afraid to approach many people. She likes the income she’s making, and even if YOU did half as well as Maggie does, you could still make some nice extra money with this same scenario.

If you want to see my website, and the cool merchandise we carry, just take a look here:


also keep in mind that I added many products and categories to my website, so not to worry, you won’t be selling self-defense items, writing services, or emergency preparedness supplies. The catalogs we make available to Maggie, and people like you, are catalogs that contain mostly gift items, home décor, and things people might order on impulse.

If you need and want more money, and you’re not afraid to show some catalogs to a bunch of people you know, then this might be right up your alley. By the way, this is NOT any sort of network or multi-level marketing. You can spend a week or so selling and place an order one time, or you can do it on an ongoing basis, it’s up to you. There’s no obligation to continue if you decide it’s not your thing. For more info, please click on the artwork below…

Make Money Selling Products Deluxe Kit

Now, keep in mind that I am not making any income claims or guarantees, because your income is all up to you and how hard you’re willing to work. But if you think you can do this, you should try it, as long as you’re an adult and you’re living within the USA because we do not ship out of The States! It’s a fun and exciting way to earn some extra money, or even a lot of money if you hustle.

Maggie’s Success is an Inspiration to Many People, as well it should be, because we all love hearing about someone having success at something! It reminds me of an old Chinese Proverb; “The person who says it cannot be done should not interrupt the person who is doing it.”

Thanks and Many Blessings!