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Mike Makes Money Selling New Merchandise From A Table In His Driveway Every Saturday & Sunday!

Have you ever felt as though you would like to start making money from home? Maybe you’re out of a job, but you’ve had enough of being a slave for someone else, and you don’t really want to find another job? Maybe you have a job, but you are not earning enough money, and you need more additional income?

I have said it many times before… that the letters JOB stand for Just Over Broke, and it’s very sad that so many millions of adult Americans are just barely surviving, just barely squeaking by; they’re just over broke.

There is no need for anyone to be broke and struggling, and unable to enjoy life because of a lack of money! You can easily make money, working from home, with your own home-based business. I would like to inspire you and motivate you to do “something.” After all, life is too short, so why not start enjoying yourself more? Here’s Mike’s story:

Mike lives in a house on a fairly well travelled road, and in his town there’s nothing that prevents him from doing the following: Mike Makes Money Selling New Merchandise From A Table In His Driveway Every Saturday & Sunday!

I know about this because he is one of my wholesale customers. Mike got laid off and did not want to bother finding another job because his home is paid off, and he’s just  a few years away from reaching retirement age. He did, however, feel that he needed a bit more money coming in. Since there was not any rule or law where he lives, he decided he would like to set-up a garage sale type of display in his driveway.

Mike gets out there early on Saturday and Sunday mornings, has a big sign that he made himself, and has a couple of folding tables featuring new merchandise that Mike sells to whomever might want to stop and look. He sells non-lethal, self-defense Pepper Sprays & Stun Devices, as well as new Sunglasses, and a few other gadgets. What Mike loves most about this, is he buys these things wholesale, and sells them at a nice profit, and people pay him in CASH. This time of year is especially profitable for Mike, because many people are starting to do some shopping for Christmas gifts!


I can only supply people who live within the United States, but for other people in other countries who might be reading about this idea, there must be someone in your country where you can buy some wholesale merchandise in smaller quantities, you will simply have to find them!

If you really want to earn extra money, you can do it! You just have to find something that appeals to you and get started! Be optimistic and positive, put some effort into it, and do not give up. If there is someone in your life who is negative or pessimistic, and they try to tell you that you can’t do it, or it won’t work, you need to ignore them! Here on my website there are many other pieces about making money from home, so please have a look.

Here’s hoping you will find a way to earn the extra money you need, and good luck with your enterprise.

Thanks & Many Blessings!