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Maybe I Can Make Some Money Mailing Out A Chain Letter Type Of Thing?

Yes, you possibly can, after all, some people do it with a little bit of success, and some do it with a great deal of success. There’s a bit of luck involved, just like visiting a casino. Is the letter a good one? Are you sending out enough copies? Are you mailing it to receptive people? First, here’s a little background… 

For many decades now there has been a whole big sub-culture here in the U.S.A. of people who make some money by getting involved with and mailing out copies of various chain letter types of money making programs. They are sort of like Multi-Level Marketing or Network Marketing but without the hassle of selling products! 

Some of these programs sound very appealing and are very well written, and other people read the letters and choose to get involved. There are senior citizens who do it, there are stay-at-home mothers who do it, there are people between jobs who do it, and there are those who are first-timers who do it. 

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These fascinating and tempting mail-order, money making programs were probably born by their predecessors which were the moronic, idiotic, superstitious chain letters that had nothing to do with money or commerce, they simply “claimed” that if you sent out copies you would have good luck, but if you didn’t you might die. How ridiculous!

It was documented that many decades ago, a big women’s church group needed to raise some money, so they mailed out many letters requesting that people would each donate a dime, and that they would also each make three copies of the letter, then send those letters out to three more friends. The church group ended up collecting $6,000.

For at least fifty years now, there are many people here in the U.S.A. who have seen, and who have sometimes participated in money-making letters, flyers, chain letters, et cetera. Sometimes these letters and flyers are very well-written, sometimes they only sound mediocre at best, and there are other letters that are completely stupid!

A money making mailing program might involve a new participant to send some money to a handful of other participants, after which they are usually provided with a camera ready copy of the same flyer with their name and address listed on it. The new participant then makes many copies, buys a bunch of stamps and envelopes, and can even buy a mailing list of opportunity seekers usually on peel and stick labels. So, you must spend some money to begin the process of mailing out letters.

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People who enjoy gambling and/or buying lottery tickets, do not usually mind spending some money on printing, postage, envelopes, and such, because it requires a “risk-taker” or “gambler” mentality. Someone who is extremely frugal, or outright cheap, will never try something like this.

These days, the money making mail order programs, as they are commonly called, are seemingly logical and workable. Some require the participant to send gifts to the others on the letter (and who says YOU can’t give a gift to someone?) while others claim that the money you send is to buy information, a printed report, a booklet, or maybe a subscription to something. Some programs tell you that you’re buying a mailing list of “opportunity seekers,” to whom you can mail letters of the programs that you’re promoting.

You will want to have an initial budget of at least one hundred dollars to try something like this. After you start mailing out letters, other people will mail you their money making offers, and you will quickly get listed on a mailing list, and your mailbox will soon get flooded with pieces of mail containing many other money making opportunities. If any of those appeal to you, then you might choose to join and try some of them, it’s all up to you. For anyone who is lonely or bored, they might especially enjoy getting flooded with letters!

Another benefit of all this mail that you will begin receiving is that it will provide you with plenty of names and addresses of many other people who attempt to make money at this type of activity. I say “attempt” because there are no guarantees. A mail order money making program might work and it might not. You might make a little money on one, or maybe a lot of money, or maybe no money at all. When you get all these letters containing the names and addresses of others who enjoy this sort of hobby, you can turn around and send copies of your program to them, without having to buy or rent a mailing list.

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Some of these mailing programs have a monitor, who usually monitors and makes sure that no one cheats, and the monitor is usually the one who mails a nice, clean, camera-ready copy to new participants with their name and address printed on the letter, in the same font and size as the other names, for a professional look.

Other programs will instruct you to delete the person in either the top or bottom position, move everyone up or down one spot, and then put your name and address on the list. These programs end up looking very sloppy, because many people do not do a nice, neat job of making the necessary changes. Some people do not like those types, because there is nothing to prevent people from cheating.

Sometimes a mail program has you send the money to the monitor, who forwards the funds to the other participants, and sometimes you mail the money directly to each person. It seems that the most popular and most successful programs are the ones that do have a monitor, but that also have you sending the money to each of the participants directly.

If you think you might enjoy trying this sort of money-making idea, and you live within the United States, then Have a Look at this Make Money through the Mail offer!

The best mail programs seem to have a monitor making sure that no one cheats, and who sends a nice, clean, camera-ready copy to each new participant, but they also have the new people sending the money directly to the other participants,

Take a chance if you’re tempted, you might have fun and make a few dollars, or maybe much more, and if you don’t, you will at least have a few laughs. Never do something like this with money that you cannot afford to lose, just as when you go to a casino or horse track, because there is a certain amount of risk involved.

Thanks & Many Blessings!