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How To Earn Extra Cash Selling Gifts Out Of Catalogs?

If you need to earn extra cash, for whatever the reason, and you’re an adult living in the U.S.A., then you should consider earning that extra cash by selling gift items to people you know out of catalogs. 

How To Earn Extra Cash Selling Gifts Out Of Catalogs

Follow these easy steps:

#1: Order a package of catalogs. There’s a really good one listed below because they do not have a company name, address, phone number, website, or email listed on them. You put your own contact information on them. You get TWO huge 265 page catalogs, and then ten that are 32 pages each with lots of gifts ideal for Christmas Gift giving.

#2: You loan or show these catalogs to as many people as you can; friends, relatives, neighbors, co-workers, people at school, church, or clubs. You encourage them to take a look and perhaps order some items that they need to fill some of their Christmas Gift shopping needs.

#3: When they want to order some items, you make a list, total the amounts of the merchandise, perhaps add on ten percent, or a flat amount for tax and shipping. Then collect the money up front. (In an store or online, people are accustomed to paying when they buy something, or place an order, so this should not be a problem.)

#4: Once you need at least a dozen items, between several customer orders, you can email Jennifer with a specific list of what you need. She will email you back with the amount you need to submit, and you can submit that amount via PayPal. The bigger the order, the more you will earn!

#5: After you submit the PayPal payment, you will be left with at least a 25% profit, which is CASH left over from the money you collected from your customers! Meanwhile, we will ship you the merchandise, directly to your door, and then you can deliver the items to your customers.

#6: When you deliver the merchandise, you will find that some of these folks will want to place another order. You can place orders with us as often or as much as you want, or you can quit at any time. There’s no obligation to continue if you decide it’s not your thing.

For more info, please click on the artwork below…

Make Money Selling Products Deluxe Kit

We publish some really beautiful, 32 page, full-color catalogs of great gift items, and YOU can use them to make extra money! These are the type of gift items you will see on the website you will visit when you click the link above!

You also receive TWO huge catalogs with 265 pages of many great items, and with Christmas quickly approaching, this is the ideal time to try!

The 32 page catalogs can be loaned to people overnight, or for a few days, but it’s a good idea to explain that you need them back, so you can loan them out to others. The huge 265 page catalogs should be kept with you, since they’re more costly, and you want to be able to show them to people while they’re in your presence.

We’ve had people who have made one to two hundred dollars per week doing this on an ongoing basis, and for many weeks in a row. It’s all dependent on how much time and effort that you’re willing to put into it!

Thanks & Many Blessings!