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Find A Good Fundraiser Item For Us To Sell

When you need a really great Christmastime Fundraiser for your school, class, students, Montessori, club, band members, nursery school parents, sorority sisters, women’s club, church group, or Sunday school class, here in the USA, look no further than these spectacular packages of handmade looking Christmas cards, shown below, because they are the perfect way for your fundraiser supporters to send out their holiday wishes! Each card features layers of colored paper and a die cut Christmas tree on front.

These beautiful cards are blank inside so that people can write, print, or stamp whatever they wish; religious blessings, Merry Christmas, Season’s Greetings, or any other seasonal or holiday greetings they prefer.

Each sealed pack comes with 6 cards and 6 envelopes. Your students, club members, or parents can easily sell these for five, seven or even ten dollars each, and your group will earn a bundle! People are always willing to overpay for something when it’s a fundraiser, especially when children are involved! Just click on the artwork:

Christmas Card Packs.jpg

You get 12 dozen packs of cards, that’s 144 packs, and for less than a dollar a piece, and can easily sell each pack, as a fundraiser, or to teach your enterprising children about earning money, for five to ten bucks each.

We even had a single mom with three pre-teen kids buy a gross of these cards simply so she could have her kids sell them around their neighborhood, so they could earn enough to take a family vacation that they would not have otherwise been able to afford! There’s nothing wrong with teaching kids to be enterprising and to teach kids to earn money! Guess what? The four of them are going to Walt Disney World!

So, there you have it… an ideal fundraiser for the beginning of the Holiday Season! We also have several other good fundraising alternatives! Check out our wholesale section!

Thanks & Many Blessings!