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What Are Some Of These 25 Great Ways To Make Money With Wholesale Merchandise?

When you need to find a really great way to earn extra cash, whether it’s to tackle your Christmas shopping list, to take the family on a summer vacation, or even at any other time of the year, you can easily make money with some wholesale merchandise!

For many centuries, retail stores have made a handsome living by purchasing merchandise at wholesale prices, and then selling those items for three, four, and even five times as much money.

Now, keep in mind that years ago, there may have been many wholesale companies that would only sell in large quantities and only to other businesses. But these days, thanks in part to The Internet, there are many wholesale suppliers that will sell to almost anyone, even if they don’t own a store or a business, and some of these suppliers will also sell in much smaller quantities!

This creates a wonderful money-making opportunity for someone who is enterprising and who wants to earn extra cash, or even a lot of cash, without a J.O.B.

Naturally, I actually want you to purchase my booklet of useful information about the subject, and there’s a link by clicking on the artwork below. But to whet your appetite I shall share a couple of these 25 Great Ways To Make Money With Wholesale Merchandise here and now!

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You can easily earn extra money with wholesale merchandise by doing the following:


If you drive to pick your kids up from school, and you’re lined up with a bunch of other parents, and because you all get there early, you are able to get out of your vehicles and talk with one another, this is another opportunity to sell the merchandise of your choice. You can show your items to the parents of the other kids in the school, while you’re all waiting for the closing bell. Through word of mouth advertising, more and more parents will soon discover that you have a store in the trunk of your car!


Many churches and other houses of worship put out a newsletter or bulletin to the members, and you might be able to place an ad in something like that. If you belong to a huge church, the members there may provide you with enough of a customer base to have a thriving business from home.

Those are just TWO of the Twenty-Five Great Ways that I know of, and to learn the rest, just “pony up” as they say, and order my booklet. I have been doing a half dozen of the ways for many years now, and am quite successful at making money as a self-employed entrepreneur! I can also supply you with a variety of wholesale items, and in smaller quantities, even if you don’t own a business. Just think of me as your cousin in the wholesale business!

Thanks and Many Blessings!