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Sales Training That Anyone Can Use!

I Write Helpful Materials To Attract People To My Website Or Your Website!

In addition to writing product descriptions and product pages, I also write non-product pages of useful information that other people might benefit from. One example is sales training advice and tips, because I have been selling since my childhood, and I’ve also been making a study of sales and marketing.

Here are some tidbits of sales training:

When selling anything, always try to inform and even educate your prospects about the features and benefits of what you’re selling. Don’t immediately drop your price. Every sales job has the ability to drop price a bit, if you really have to, but it will usually affect your commissions…I never drop the price! If you can’t make the sale, then you need to sharpen your selling skills!

Treat someone you just met, as though they are your friend, and they soon become your friend! In fact, strangers are nothing more than friends you haven’t met yet! When selling to someone, ask questions to get to know them, and it will help you later, to make the sale, but in the process of the conversation, you are actually making a friend. There are plenty of people who become “friends” with their insurance agent, car salesman, stock broker, et cetera!

When trying to sell an MLM product to your family or friends, and you are just starting out…you might say something like, “Come on John, please buy a couple of these and try them, and help me out! I really believe in this company, and I want to make a serious GO of it, and I need a few people close to me to help me get started! I am not trying to recruit you, I just need some retail customers!”

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Good Luck & Many Blessings!