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Daylight Saving Time Ends On Sunday Morning November 4th This Weekend At 2 AM, So Turn Your Clocks Back An Hour On Saturday Night Before Bed!

Of course, if you’re a night owl, then you might be awake at 2AM late Saturday night, and you can just turn the clocks back then. Of course atomic clocks, cell phones, and computers will automatically reflect the proper time.

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Turning your clocks back on Saturday night brings us to the time of year where the sunset occurs earlier and while some people don’t care for it, I love it! By the way, that reminds me that if you need any lamps, for yourself, or because they make a great gift, please see these 62 lamps seen here!

Of course, if you’re a night owl, then you may already have several lamps, but you might be on the lookout for the ideal lamp for that spot in the home that does not have enough lighting at night. Some folks would prefer to have sex in the dark, and others would rather have more lighting. Though I was thinking more about lighting to read in the evenings. (I had to mention the word sex in this post, because sex sells!)

By the way, Home Décor items make great Christmas Gifts! Maybe a good clock will do for certain people on your gift list. Others might like a nice picture frame. There are so many great online shopping sources for you to do your Christmas shopping from home and with ease! Hope you will see mine!

Thanks and Many Blessings!