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Good Luck Amulets And Charms To Attract Love, Win Money, Obtain Success: Where To Find Good Luck Amulets And Charms To Attract Love, Win Money, Obtain Success, Win Lottery, Et Cetera?

“The person who says it cannot be done should not interrupt the person who is doing it!”

As a very talented and professional, published writer, who is also a ghost writer and a writer-for-hire, I have written many materials for others, to help them promote their websites, and I also write many materials, DAILY, to promote my own websites! I am focused and consistent in my work habits.

Maybe you’re wondering about Good Luck Amulets And Charms To Attract Love, Win Money, Obtain Success: and you may have asked the question; “Where To Find Good Luck Amulets And Charms To Attract Love, Win Money, Obtain Success, Win Lottery, Et Cetera?” Here’s the answer…

As a practitioner of the magical arts, I’ve also been a purveyor of good luck charms, amulets, talismans, and crystals that really help people find love, sex, romance, business success, personal success, financial blessings, gambling winnings, and the list goes on!

Just visit and you’re likely to see some magical things that you can’t live without! Even though these sorts of products are sold for entertainment purposes, we all know they sometimes help people get what they want. If you’re within the USA, we can fulfill your order via postal mail, and you will love these mystical items!

Thanks & Many Blessings!




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Hiring A Ghost Writer To Help With Your One-Person, Home-Based Business, Might Be The Best Move You Could Make!

Maybe you ended up here on this page because you Googled something such as; I need to hire a ghost writer to help me promote my home based business or my website, or something similar to that! There are millions of people who work from home with their own home-based business. Maybe they have a website, maybe they have a monetized blog, maybe they are into direct selling or multi-level marketing. Perhaps they have a small operation where they offer a service via the Internet.

Whatever your business is, you need some good writing, whether in the form of website pages, sales and marketing materials, advertisements, articles or blog entries, powerful and effective emails to send to your customers and prospects, and the list goes on! Maybe you need a new and updated résumé and it’s not something you feel comfortable doing yourself. Notice the sentence above contains a link to one of MY websites where I offer the writing of a résumé? I can help you have better website and blog pages.


Hiring A Ghost Writer To Help With Your One-Person, Home-Based Business, Might Be The Best Move You Could Make! 


When you want to promote your website, and attract more visitors, and get more sales, you need for Google to be more aware of your website. One way to accomplish this is to add new content as often as you can. If you can write the new content yourself, then that’s great. If you cannot write the new content, then a ghost writer can do it for you! According to Webster’s the term means:



ghost·write | \ ˈgōs(t)-ˌrīt \
ghostwrote\ˈgōs(t)-ˌrōt \; ghostwritten\ˈgōs(t)-ˌri-tᵊn \

Definition of ghostwrite 

intransitive verb

: to write for and in the name of another

transitive verb

: to write (a speech, a book, etc.) for another who is the presumed or credited author


So, as you can see, the word has nothing to do with ghosts or anything creepy, in case you’ve never heard the term before.

After all, you do want to succeed in your own home based business, whatever it may be, and you need more visitors, more prospects, and more customers. There are several effective things that you can do to help increase your business and grow your income, and one of the most powerful things you can do is to have a ghost writer help you with some of the writing!

Just thought you’d like to know. Please have a look around my site here, and see other pieces of information about writing, writers-for-hire, website promotion, MLM success tips, words of wisdom, motivation, and inspiration! Please subscribe, bookmark the pages, tell a few friends, and come back soon!

Thanks and Many Blessings!



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Making My WordPress Blog Into A Website Was A Great Step Forward!

YES, Making My WordPress Blog Into A Website was a great step forward! was well worth the measly 48 bucks for the first twelve months! You can set-up a WordPress Blog for Free, of course, but then your URL includes the word “WordPress.” But if you are willing to cough up a measly four bucks a month, which is under 14 cents a day, you can then have the good folks at WordPress secure a domain name for you, such as a “dot com.”

I have had several websites over the years, and many blogs, but the blogs never had their own “dot com” URL, until now. When the Google spiders crawl the Internet, looking for new content, new pages, and new websites, they are more likely to take note of something that looks like a stand alone site, rather than part of another site.

Why do I care about, and consequently want Google to notice my, you ask? Well, it just might help me secure more writing clients… people who need help promoting their websites, or their URL portals that lead to a larger website such as the site of a big direct sales company like Avon.

Over the years I have written thousands of articles, blog postings, and other materials to promote my fabulous website: and when people type certain keywords and keyword phrases into Google, I have a heavy presence on the first page. Here’s Proof:

Go to Google and search for these phrases: 

Jennifer’s Grandmother’s Magical Oil 

Father Time’s Magical-Mystical Good Luck Crystal

Jennifer’s Lucky Gambler’s Joker Card Amulet

Good Luck Charms That Really Work

Once you get to a point where you have enough written material out there, your website should begin to get more and more traffic. There are approximately 1.9 billion websites on the Internet, and although about 200 million are active, you want to get noticed out of those 200 million. (Sounds like the needle in a haystack scenario.)

You will need some good writing to help you along, and you should also consider a Good Luck Amulet to Help Your Business!

Thanks and Many Blessings!