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Can I Make Money By Mailing Out Copies Of A Chain Letter?

For many decades there has been a whole sub-culture here in the U.S.A. of people who make some money by getting involved with and mailing out copies of various chain letter types of money making programs. Some of these programs sound very appealing and are very well written, and other people read the letters and choose to get involved.

These fascinating and tempting mail-order, money making programs were probably born by their predecessors which were the moronic, idiotic, superstitious chain letters that had nothing to do with money or commerce, they simply “claimed” that if you sent out copies you would have good luck, but if you didn’t you might die. How ridiculous!

Now, it is documented that many decades ago, a church group needed to raise money, so they mailed out letters requesting people to each donate a dime, and also make three copies of the letter, then send those letters out to three friends. The church group ended up collecting $6,000.

For at least fifty years now, many people here in the U.S.A. have seen, and sometimes participated in money-making letters, flyers, chain letters, et cetera. Sometimes they are well-written, sometimes they sound mediocre, and others are completely stupid!

A program might involve a new participant to send some money to a handful of other participants, after which they
are provided with a camera ready copy of the same flyer with their name and address listed on it. The new participant then makes many copies, buys a bunch of stamps
and envelopes, and can even buy a mailing list of opportunity seekers usually on peel and stick labels. So, you must spend some money to begin the process of mailing out letters.

People who enjoy gambling and/or buying lottery tickets, do not usually mind spending some money on printing, postage, envelopes, and such, because it requires a “risk-taker” or “gambler” mentality. Someone who is extremely frugal, or outright cheap, will never try something like this. God forbid they should waste or lose a few dollars. (By the way, those people all have relatives who will enjoy spending money like drunken pirates after their funerals!)

These days, the money making mail order programs, as they are commonly called, are seemingly logical and workable. Some require the participant to send gifts to the others on the letter (and who says YOU can’t give a gift to someone?) while others claim that the money you send is to buy information, a printed report, a booklet, or maybe a subscription to something. Some programs tell you that you’re buying a mailing list of “opportunity seekers,” to whom you can mail letters of the programs that you’re promoting.  

You will want to have an initial budget of at least one hundred dollars to try something like this. After you start mailing out letters, other people will mail you their money making offers, and you will quickly get listed on a mailing list, and your mailbox will soon get flooded with pieces of mail containing many other money making opportunities. If any of those appeal to you, then you might choose to join and try some of them, it’s all up to you. For anyone who is lonely or bored, they might especially enjoy getting flooded with letters!

Another benefit of all this mail that you will begin receiving is that it will provide you with plenty of names and addresses of many other people who attempt to make money at this type of activity. I say “attempt” because there are no guarantees. A mail order money making program might work and it might not. You might make a little money on one, or maybe a lot of money, or maybe no money at all. When you get all these letters containing the names and addresses of others who enjoy this sort of hobby, you can turn around and send copies of your program to them, without having to buy or rent a mailing list.

Some of these mailing programs have a monitor, who usually monitors and makes sure that no one cheats, and the monitor is usually the one who mails a nice, clean, camera-ready copy to new participants with their name and address printed on the letter, in the same font and size as the other names, for a professional look. Others instruct you to delete the person in either the top or bottom position, move everyone up or down one spot, and then put your name and address on the list. These programs end up looking very sloppy, because many people do not do a nice, neat job of making the necessary changes.

Sometimes a mail program has you send the money to the monitor, who forwards the funds to the other participants, and sometimes you mail the money directly to each person. It seems that the most popular and most successful programs are the ones that do have a monitor, but that also have you sending the money to each of the participants directly.

If you think you might enjoy trying this sort of money-making idea, and you live within the United States, then Have a Look at this Make Money through the Mail offer!

Take a chance if you’re tempted, you might have fun and make a few dollars, or maybe much more, and if you don’t, you will at least have a few laughs. Never do something like this with money that you cannot afford to lose, just as when you go to a casino or horse track, because there is a certain amount of risk involved.

Thanks & Many Blessings!


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If YOU Know Anyone Who Wants To Earn Extra Money Or Start A Home Based Business Or Who Already Has A Home Based Business, Please Send Them A Link So They Can See My Site!

There are Many Great Ideas here, about Ways to Earn Money from Home by Offering a Service to Others or selling merchandise to others!

People in other countries can at least get some good ideas, and people here in the U.S.A. will actually have access to wholesale merchandise, where to get their own easy-to-operate website, where to find a superb writer-for-hire, and help to promote their website or business!

I do loads of writing, as a ghost, for other entrepreneurs, and I am exposed to many awesome and delightful money earning opportunities. If you don’t know what to do, or you need some great ideas, perhaps I can inspire you!

Please have a look around, here on my other pages, and you’re sure to see something that is ideal for you! 

If YOU Know Anyone Who Wants To Earn Extra Money Or Start A Home Based Business Or Who Already Has A Home Based Business, Please Send Them A Link So They Can See My Site!

These days there is absolutely NO reason for anyone to be lonely, bored, broke, or struggling financially, because there are so many things a person can do to be enterprising, and to start earning money from home! Over 16 million adult Americans are self-employed, why aren’t YOU?

Let’s change that starting TODAY! And always remember; “The person who says it cannot be done should not interrupt the person who is doing it!”

Thanks and Many Blessings!


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25 Ways To Earn Money From Home By Offering A Service!

Here are Twenty-Five Ways to Earn Money from Home by Offering a Service to Others! You will, of course, have to work out the details. But after a tiny bit of research, you can easily start earning extra cash using one of these ideas:

#1: Phone Answering Service & Wake-Up Call Service – Some folks cannot rely on an alarm clock and will pay you a monthly fee to call and wake them on certain days. Others might pay you to take messages for them, when they forward their calls to your phone.

#2: Baby-Sitting Service – You might go to their home, or they might drop their kids at your home. You might be able to watch several kids from different families at once.

#3: Tutor – If there is a subject you’re good at, and if someone in the area needs a good tutor, then go for it.

#4: Handy Man or Handy Woman Service – If you’re good at using tools, and you have some tools, then people can hire you to do minor repairs.

#5: Cleaning Service – There are loads of people who do not want to clean their own homes and will happily pay someone to do it. Why not let them pay YOU?

#6: Window Washing Service – There are small shopping centers where each individual store or office is responsible for cleaning their own front windows, but some of these businesses are happy to pay someone else to do the cleaning once or twice a week. It’s a great one-person business.

#7: Typing Service – Even though everyone seems to use a computer and typewriters are almost non-existent, people might be willing to pay you to do the typing for them.

#8: Hauling & Moving Service – If you have a truck or a van, there are people who might pay you to take things to the dump, move some furniture from one spot to another spot across town, and so forth.

#9: Computer Lessons – Even without being a candidate to work at Best Buy’s Geek Squad, you might have neighbors who know absolutely nothing about computers, and they will pay you to teach them simple computer skills which you take for granted.

#10: Music Lessons – If you play a musical instrument and you’re really good at it, you might be able to give music lessons to someone who wants to learn to play.

#11: Magician, Juggler, Clown for Birthday Parties – If you are into magic, juggling, or clowning, then you might be able to do birthday parties for kids, or for any local events.

#12: Foreign Language Lessons – If you speak more than one language fluently, then you just might be able to teach a language to people who want to learn.

#13: Catalog Gift Selling – People who are too busy to go to stores, and who do not want to shop online, just might enjoy shopping in gift catalogs that YOU provide them with. They pay you the retail prices shown, and then you buy the things at a discount to fill their orders. You don’t have to “sell” because you just loan out the catalogs, which do the selling for you! 

#14: Sewing & Clothing Alterations – If you have sewing skills, then perhaps people will pay you to sew buttons back onto shirts and make other minor clothing repairs or alterations. Most people cannot do this themselves.

#15: Watering Plants for People on Vacation – There are people who have loads of nice flowers and potted plants in their homes, and when they go on vacation, they need someone to water the plants for them.

#16: Snow Shoveling & Leaf Raking – There are people who have driveways that they cannot shovel themselves when it snows, and yards that have falling leaves that they cannot rake themselves.

#17: Garage Sales in Your Front Yard – You might be able to do this every Saturday, and let all the neighbors know that you will be happy to sell items they want to get rid of, for a fee or commission of course. Many of them can’t be bothered having a garage or yard sale.

#18: Mowing Lawns for Neighbors – Not everyone wants to hire a professional landscape company, and some people have small yards, but do not want to do it themselves.

#19: Writing Resumés for People – Most people cannot write, or don’t know what to write. You can do this for people in your town and/or for people online.

#20: Driving People to Doctor Appointments – Some folks might not drive, or might not want to drive to a doctor for certain procedures.

#21: Driving People to the Airport – Most folks don’t want to pay the exorbitant fees to park at the airport.

#22: Running Errands for Neighbors – Some people do not have the time to run errands and they will pay you to do those things for them.

#23: Cooking Meals for Neighbors – Some people cannot cook, or do not have the time.

#24: Doing Laundry for Neighbors – Some people do not want to do their own laundry or they don’t have the time.

#25: Dog Walking Service – Some people are too busy or work long hours, and will pay you to walk their dog.

By the way, many of these enterprising ways to make money will have people paying you in CASH, and no one will know about your earnings, if you choose not to tell them, whomever “they” may be!

Please Be Sure to check out other pieces here on my site, because I have many other great ways for YOU to Earn Extra Cash (or even a lot of cash) from home! I can also write an effective flyer or advertisement for you, if you’re within the U.S.A. and need some good writing to promote your home-based business! (Or any business!)

Do you have body aches and pains? Here is an amazing pain relief cream to help you feel better, and you can even make money with it…



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I Am Trying To Find A Way To Make Money From Home!

Did you say something like; I Am Trying To Find A Way To Make Money From Home! or something similar? If so, then you’re lucky you landed here! It was meant to be!

As a businesswoman/entrepreneur and writer-for-hire, I always come across various opportunities, since so many people hire me to write for them as a ghost! You want to make money from home, and here are a few great ways to do that!

Do you suffer from aches and pains? Do you realize that most people do suffer from aches and pains? Would you like to find a product that is so amazing that it will alleviate many of those aches and pains that people have? There are many topical creams and lotions on the market, which are sold in stores, but some of them are lousy, and others are mediocre at best.

There’s an awesome Real Time Pain Relief cream that you can sample by clicking that link, and if you like it (which you probably will) you can buy a small quantity at wholesale prices, and then start selling them in your area to earn extra cash! If you put some effort into it, you can actually make a lot of money with these pain relief creams!

Maybe you would rather peddle or sell something other than pain relief products, and if so, I recommend self-defense products, which you can buy at wholesale, but in smaller quantities, even if you do not own a business. As long as you’re an adult, within the USA, and not in one of the states where these products are restricted.

Maybe you want to show catalogs of great gift items and other merchandise that people will buy on impulse for themselves and for others! But you don’t want to show catalogs for a company that has 5 million reps out there. (I don’t blame you!) Here are some awesome gift catalogs, which do not have a company name, address, email, website, or phone number on them. YOU can put your name, phone number, and email on them, and then give them, loan them, or show them to whomever you wish… take some orders… and earn some cash!

Those are three great ways to make money, and I do all three of them, plus I have some websites. If you would like a website of your own, then just click that link and learn more about how easy it is to do that!

If you do not want to sell anything, but you have a skill that other people will pay you to do, then you can start offering your services to others, whether online, or face-to-face to people in your area! If you need some good writing to promote your business, then please contact me!

Thanks & Many Blessings!



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Make Money Selling Merchandise From Catalogs: You Can Make Money Selling Merchandise From Catalogs!

If you really need and want more money, and you’re not afraid to show some beautiful catalogs of fabulous gift items around town to a bunch of people you know, then this might be right up your alley.

Make Money Selling Merchandise From Catalogs: You Can Make Money Selling Merchandise From Catalogs! 

By the way, this is NOT any sort of network marketing or multi-level marketing. You can simply spend a week or so selling merchandise from catalogs and you place an order just one time, or you can do it on an ongoing basis, it’s all up to you. There’s no obligation to continue if you decide it’s not your thing. For more info, please click on the artwork below…

Make Money Selling Products Deluxe Kit

We publish some beautiful, 32 page, full-color catalogs of great gift items, and YOU can use them to make extra money! These are the type of gift items you will see on the website you will visit when you click the link above!

Now, keep in mind that I am not making any income claims or guarantees, because the income that you will earn is entirely dependent on you and how hard you’re willing to work.

But if you think you can do this, you should try it, as long as you’re an adult and you’re living here in the USA because we do not ship out of the country!

Make Money Selling Merchandise From Catalogs: You Can Make Money Selling Merchandise From Catalogs! 

It’s a fun and exciting way to earn some extra money, or even a lot of money if you hustle. We have a couple of customers who show the catalogs, sell items to people, and make money on a regular basis! You can do the same!

Just remember the old Chinese Proverb; “The person who says it cannot be done should not interrupt the person who is doing it.”

Thanks and Many Blessings!


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Something Amazing And Natural To Make My Aches And Pains Go Away: Find Something Amazing And Natural To Make My Aches And Pains Go Away!

Do you suffer from aches and pains? Do you realize that most people do? Would you like to find something so amazing that it will alleviate many of those aches and pains? There are topical creams and lotions on the market, and also sold in stores, but some of them are lousy, and others are simply mediocre at best. 

Something Amazing And Natural To Make My Aches And Pains Go Away: Find Something Amazing And Natural To Make My Aches And Pains Go Away!

Don’t forget about the old adage; “You get what you pay for.” It means, of course, that if you want something that is high quality, it will cost you more than the cheap alternatives that are found in discount stores.

In a minute I will introduce you to a line of Pain Relief Products that are so amazing that they will change your life for the better, just by using them on your body! If you love them as much as I do, you might buy several bottles at wholesale, just because you can sell a few to people you know, and get most of your money back, even for the product you’re using on yourself! I am actually selling a bunch of the stuff, and I am turning a profit!

If you happen to be someone, like me, who is extremely enterprising, and you also want to earn some extra cash from home, especially with the holidays quickly approaching, then you can sell these amazing pain relief products in your area to people who will buy them from you on impulse, on the spot!

Picture this; You buy a tube for five bucks and sell it for ten dollars! Buy a jar for ten bucks and sell it for twenty dollars! Buy a bottle for twenty and sell it for forty! It’s fun to buy merchandise at wholesale, sell it at retail, and pocket the CASH profits!

Yes, you read that correctly; your special wholesale price (should you decide to sell a few tubes of this amazing pain relief cream) will be exactly ONE HALF of the retail selling price!

You will also get your own personal link to the company’s website, instantly when you place a small wholesale order, and when people use your link to the company’s website, just like my link below, you will get the commissions! Please click on the artwork that follows…


Something Amazing And Natural To Make My Aches And Pains Go Away: Find Something Amazing And Natural To Make My Aches And Pains Go Away!

That’s right, they make an amazing offer, just to introduce people to their amazingly effective products, and although they do not pay commissions on those sample packs, most people who try these amazing pain relief products, will become regular customers OR maybe even wholesale customers.

I shouldn’t use the word commissions, because you actually earn “credits,” which are like frequent flyer miles, if you will, and you can use those credits to buy more merchandise, which you will turn around and sell to people in your area. The commissions you will earn, are when you sell bottles at retail, which you bought at wholesale!

So, whether you want to buy at wholesale for personal use and for gift giving purposes OR even if you are tired of working a lousy JOB and living Just Over Broke, and you want to start making some extra money with your own home-based business, you will LOVE these amazing pain relief products!

I carry several tubes of these products with me, as I am peddling my self-defense pepper sprays and stun devices! I like to sell things that are small, lightweight, and that are items which people will buy on impulse when they see them! These pain relief creams definitely fit into that category! 

For those of you who really need and really want to earn some extra cash… you really can do it, if you really want to, if you have the drive! Please ignore the negative people in your life who will try to tell you that you cannot do it, because I am here to tell you that you can do it! You most certainly can, and you will, if you make up your mind to do it! Besides, it’s not hard to find people who are suffering with aches and pains of all sorts! Seems like everyone, these days, has some body aches and pains.

Also remember that old Chinese proverb: “The person who says it cannot be done should not interrupt the person who is doing it!”

Thanks & Many Blessings!



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Where Can I Find A Freelance Writer To Help Me Promote My Website?

Maybe YOU ended up here on this page because you Googled the phrase Where Can I Find a Freelance Writer to Help Me Promote My Website? or maybe you said something similar to that!

At the end of this fascinating piece, there’s actually some PROOF that good writing will help you promote your website!

I have been writing for decades, getting published for just as long, and I have been helping businesses large and small with their writing needs.

Even a one-person, home based business owner can use my writing services to increase their sales through various methods.

Here are just a few of my areas of expertise:

Website Pages:

While I am not a computer expert or a techie, I can definitely write some really great website pages, awesome product descriptions, effective “about us” pages, and whatever else you might need, and then you can post my writing on your website.

In case you did not know, it’s always a great idea to add new content to your website as often as you can.

You see, whenever a website adds some new content, Google takes notice of it, and this helps the website move up in the search engine rankings.

Since you are likely to need new pages on an ongoing basis, I offer package deals that will save you money. I always require payment in advance, but you don’t have to have all of the pages written for you immediately, you can request them from me as you need them, over a period of time.

Blog Posts:

Having a well-written, interesting, and informative blog attached to your website, or pointing to your website, is an excellent way to increase the traffic and number of visitors to your website, and it will help you to connect with the audience that you want to reach.

If you want me to create a blog for you, no problem, I can do that for you! If your website already has a blog, that’s fine too.

My article marketing or content marketing service is just what you need. I can write blog posts for you on a regular schedule and on a wide range of topics to suit the style of your website.

Adding new blog posts regularly is another great way to have your website noticed by Google, and that’s really what you will want to do, so that your website can attract more online visitors. A package deal of blog posts may be just what you need.

About Me Page:

Maybe you’re involved with a big company, such as Avon, Fuller Brush, or Youngevity, and you have your own URL to their website, but you need a strong “About Me” Page. Well,  not to worry, because I can write that for you as well.

I have also written poetry, song lyrics, greeting card verses, advertising materials, instructional and “how-to” materials, pamphlets, brochures, booklets, magazine and newspaper articles, résumés, press releases, and sales letters.

So, whatever your writing needs are, I am certain that I can help you. Please have a look around this site to see more about my writing style. You can also click on the links above to learn more about me and my prices.

Now, here’s the PROOF I spoke of in the beginning. Just copy and paste the following phrase into the Google search box, and you will see that on the first page of results, one of my favorite websites (FatherTimePublishing.com) will be mentioned several times:

Jennifer’s Lucky Magical Bottle of Gold

The point I am making here, is that we can take one of your products or services, and write several pieces about it, and eventually when someone Googles that product or service, your website will hopefully show up on the first page, without you having to pay Google for advertising! We can also do this for as many products or services as you wish.

Wishing you the best with your business!

Thanks and Many Blessings!