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Blogs To Promote Business, Blog Writing To Promote A Website, Blog Writers Writing Blog Posts To Attract Attention To Their Other Online Enterprises!

I have been writing for several decades, and I’ve been getting published for just as long! I have also been helping businesses large and small with their writing needs. I have also been writing Blogs To Promote Business, Blog Writing To Promote A Website!

This piece is about Blog Writers Writing Blog Posts To Attract Attention To Their Other Online Enterprises! Of course there are millions of people who write blogs for fun, but others are using their blogs to attract visitors and customers to their websites! Some people have blogs that “look like” a website! Such as this site of mine that you are currently on!

Do YOU do business online? Do you have a website? Do you also have a blog? Perhaps some good content written and posted on your blog on a regular basis will attract attention to your blog, and then direct some of your blog readers to your website!

If you don’t know what to write, cannot write, or don’t have the time, you can always hire an awesome blog writer like me! After all, I’ve been doing it for quite some time, and I’ve gotten pretty good at it. If you like, I can direct you to one of my writing clients… a successful realtor who uses a blog, created and maintained by me, to attract more visitors to his real estate website!

Or you can do the writing yourself, but please get busy and keep working, because when your business really takes off, you will be very happy that you put in the time, effort, and hard work that brought you to success!

Good Luck & Many Blessings!



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Are You Broke Or Behind On Your Bills Because Of A J.O.B.? You Do Not Have To Be!

There are way too many honest, hard-working adult Americans who are working steadily at a job but they do not earn or have enough money to make ends meet! They need an additional income but do not know what to do, or they have been procrastinating for way too long, about doing something to earn the extra cash that they need.

Don’t you know? JOB stands for Just Over Broke!  

That’s why you must find a way to earn the extra income you need! As a ghost writer for hire I come across many great ways for a person to earn extra cash, and here on this site I have showcased quite a few of them! Please have a look around because you just might see something that appeals to you. If you live within the United States you can click on the links for additional help, resources, supplies, and merchandise sources.

Even if you are not interested in buying or selling merchandise to make extra money, it makes sense to buy wholesale merchandise to give as gifts or for Christmas Gift Giving! You do not have to own or operate a business to buy wholesale merchandise these days.

Here’s a piece I wrote that features 30 ways to make money by offering a service to others! Not everyone wants to buy and sell merchandise to make money. Not everyone wants to attempt making money online.

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As far as earning extra money goes, just remember that You can do anything that you make up your mind to do! Never let someone tell you that you cannot! If you are enterprising, if you can communicate, and if you’re not afraid to put forth some effort, there are plenty of ways that you can start earning the extra cash that you need! Stop being broke, lonely, bored, and unable to do the things that you want to do in this life! Take control of your life and your finances starting TODAY!

A great proverb from ancient China says; A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step! And another proverb from the same place and time period reminds us; The person who says it cannot be done should not interrupt the person who is doing it!

So, stop procrastinating, stop being broke, and start living!

Thanks, Good Luck & Many Blessings!


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earn extra cash, earn money from home, home based business

Thirty Great Ways To Earn Money From Home By Offering A Service To Others!

Here are Thirty Ways to Earn Money from Home by Offering a Service to Others! You will, of course, have to work out the details. But after a tiny bit of research, you can easily start earning extra cash using one of these ideas:

#1: Phone Answering Service & Wake-Up Call Service – Some folks cannot rely on an alarm clock and will pay you a monthly fee to call and wake them up on certain days. Others might pay you to take messages for them, when they forward their calls to your phone.

#2: Baby-Sitting Service – You might go to their home, or they might drop their kids at your home. You might be able to watch several kids from different families at once.

#3: Tutor – If there is a subject that you’re good at, and if someone in the area needs a good tutor, then you can become a tutor.

#4: Handy Man or Handy Woman Service – If you’re good at using tools, and you have some tools, then people can hire you to do minor repairs.

#5: Cleaning Service – There are loads of people who do not want to clean their own homes and will happily pay someone to do it. Why not let them pay YOU?

#6: Watering Plants & Taking in the Mail – When people might be going out of town, they might pay you to water their plants, bring in their mail, and occasionally turn different lights on and off to give the impression that someone is still at home.

#7: Window Washing Service – There are small shopping centers where each individual store or office is responsible for cleaning their own front windows, but some of these businesses are happy to pay someone else to do the cleaning once or twice a week. It’s a great one-person business.

#8: Typing Service – Even though everyone seems to use a computer and typewriters are almost non-existent, people might be willing to pay you to do the typing for them.

#9: Hauling & Moving Service – If you have a truck or a van, there are people who might pay you to take things to the dump, move some furniture from one spot to another spot across town, and so forth.

#10: Grocery Shopping – Some people are too busy to do their own shopping, and will pay you to go to the grocery store for them!

#11: Keeping Someone Company – Of course some elderly people might need a qualified health care professional, but there are some people who simply need a “sitter” to stay with them a few hours here and there.

#12: Computer Lessons – Even without being a candidate to work at Best Buy’s Geek Squad, you might have neighbors who know absolutely nothing about computers, and they will pay you to teach them simple computer skills which you take for granted.

#13: Music Lessons – If you play a musical instrument and you’re really good at it, you might be able to give music lessons to someone who wants to learn to play.

#14: Magician, Juggler, Clown for Birthday Parties – If you are into magic, juggling, or clowning, then you might be able to do birthday parties for kids, or for any local events.

#15: Foreign Language Lessons – If you speak more than one language fluently, then you just might be able to teach a language to people who want to learn.

#16: Catalog Gift Selling – People who are too busy to go to stores, and who do not want to shop online, just might enjoy shopping in gift catalogs that YOU provide them with. They pay you the retail prices shown, and then you buy the things at a discount to fill their orders. You don’t have to “sell” because you just loan out the catalogs, which do the selling for you!

#17: Lyft or Uber Driver – There are people everywhere who are making extra money driving people around. If you have a car, a smartphone, and the courage/confidence, then you can probably rake in some money.

#18: Sewing & Clothing Alterations – If you have sewing skills, then perhaps people will pay you to sew buttons back onto shirts and make other minor clothing repairs or alterations. Most people cannot do this themselves.

#19: Party Planner – People will pay you to plan birthday parties and other parties for them. This is a fun and profitable business, and the sky is the limit.

#20: Watering Plants for People on Vacation – There are people who have loads of nice flowers and potted plants in their homes, and when they go on vacation, they need someone to water and care for the plants for them.

#21: Snow Shoveling & Leaf Raking – There are people who have driveways that they cannot shovel themselves when it snows, and yards that have falling leaves that they cannot rake themselves.

#22: Garage Sales in Your Front Yard – You might be able to do this every Saturday, and let all the neighbors know that you will be happy to sell items they want to get rid of, for a fee or commission of course. Many of them can’t be bothered having a garage or yard sale.

#23: Mowing Lawns for Neighbors – Not everyone wants to hire a professional landscape company, and some people have small yards, but do not want to do it themselves.

#24: Writing Resumés for People – Most people cannot write, or don’t know what to write. You can do this for people in your town and/or for people online.

#25: Driving People to Doctor Appointments – Some folks might not drive, or might not want to drive to a doctor for certain procedures.

#26: Driving People to the Airport – Most folks don’t want to pay the exorbitant fees to park at the airport. They will pay you to drive them to the airport.

#27: Running Errands for Neighbors – Some people do not have the time to run errands and they will pay you to do those things for them.

#28: Cooking Meals for Neighbors – Some people cannot cook, or do not have the time. They will pay you to prepare meals for them. Whether you do it daily, or prepare several meals at once, then put them into food storage containers.

#29: Doing Laundry for Neighbors – Some people do not want to do their own laundry or they don’t have the time. They will gladly pay you to do the laundry for them.

#30: Dog Walking Service – Some people are too busy or work long hours, and will pay you to walk their dog. For a huge dog lover this is a great way to earn extra cash.

By the way, many of these fun and enterprising ways to make money will have people paying you in CASH, and no one will know about your earnings, if you choose not to tell them, whomever “they” may be! You will be “under the radar.”

Please Be Sure to check out other pieces here on my site, because I have many other great ways for YOU to Earn Extra Cash (or even a lot of cash) from home! I can also write an effective flyer or advertisement for you, if you’re within the U.S.A. and need some really good writing to promote your home-based business! (Or any business!)

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If YOU Know Anyone Who Wants To Earn Extra Money Or Start A Home Based Business Or Who Already Has A Home Based Business, Please Send Them A Link So They Can See My Site!

There are Many Great Ideas here, about Ways to Earn Money from Home by Offering a Service to Others or selling merchandise to others!

People in other countries can at least get some good ideas, and people here in the U.S.A. will actually have access to wholesale merchandise, where to get their own easy-to-operate website, where to find a superb writer-for-hire, and help to promote their website or business!

I do loads of writing, as a ghost, for other entrepreneurs, and I am exposed to many awesome and delightful money earning opportunities. If you don’t know what to do, or you need some great ideas, perhaps I can inspire you!

Please have a look around, here on my other pages, and you’re sure to see something that is ideal for you! 

If YOU Know Anyone Who Wants To Earn Extra Money Or Start A Home Based Business Or Who Already Has A Home Based Business, Please Send Them A Link So They Can See My Site!

These days there is absolutely NO reason for anyone to be lonely, bored, broke, or struggling financially, because there are so many things a person can do to be enterprising, and to start earning money from home! Over 16 million adult Americans are self-employed, why aren’t YOU?

Let’s change that starting TODAY! And always remember; “The person who says it cannot be done should not interrupt the person who is doing it!”

Thanks and Many Blessings!


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Where Do I Find A Good Writer To Help Me Promote My Website?

Are YOU Trying To Promote A Website: Are YOU Trying To Promote A Website? Great writing can help you promote your website! If you are too busy to do the writing, or maybe you’re unsure what to write, you can hire a writer!

You may have even asked the question; “Where Do I Find A Good Writer To Help Me Promote My Website?”

Well, I’m right here… the name is Jennifer.

You’re probably already aware that good blog posts can help you promote that website! Even though some people only write a blog for fun, it’s no secret that there are many website owners who write blogs to promote their websites!

Are YOU Trying To Promote A Website? You need my help!

Why do website owners use blog posts to promote their websites? Because whenever a website adds some new content, Google takes notice of it, and this helps their website move up in the search engine rankings. If you add content to your blog, Google also takes notice of that, and your blog has backlinks to your website!

Do you already have a good blog to promote your website? You should! If you do have a blog, who writes your blog posts? Are they any good? Are your posts effective? The reason I ask is because many other people hire me to write blog content as well as website content for them, as a ghost writer. (I will show you a good sample!)

If you ever need some great writing, just like what you’re reading here, I am always able to take on a new client or two. Having a very well-written, interesting, and informative blog attached to your website, or pointing to your website, is an excellent way to increase the traffic to your website.

If you want me to create a blog for you, I can do that for you! It can be very similar to this one you’re reading. How would you like that?

This is actually a blog through WordPress, even though I purchased a domain name, which makes it look more like a website.

Many people have websites through WordPress, which is part of the reason why WordPress is responsible for 31% of the pages on the Internet!

If your website already has a blog, that’s fine too. Either way, you can still use my great blog writing, article writing, or content writing service to help promote that website!

I can write great blog posts for you on a regular schedule and on a wide range of topics.

Adding new blog posts as often as you can is a great way to have your website noticed by Google, and that’s really what you need so that your website can attract more visitors.

Are YOU Trying To Promote A Website?

A package deal of blog posts may be just what you need.

By the way, I am also a published writer of poetry, song lyrics, greeting card verses, advertising materials, instructional and “how-to” materials, pamphlets, brochures, booklets, magazine and newspaper articles, résumés, press releases, and sales letters. My writing is not just limited to blog or website content.

Whatever your writing needs are, I am certain that I can help you, and you will be completely pleased with my work. Please have a look around this site to see more about my writing style. You can also click here to learn more about me and my prices.

Thanks and Many Blessings!


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40 Days – 78 Posts – 55 Followers – That Is Why A Ghost Writer Like Jennifer Is One Who YOU Want To Hire!

“The person who says it cannot be done should not interrupt the person who is doing it!” 

As a very talented and professional, published writer, who is also a ghost writer and a writer-for-hire, I have written many materials for others, to help them promote their websites! I am focused and consistent in my work habits.

In order to promote my own websites, I started this particular site forty days ago, and since then I’ve obtained the domain name, have posted seventy-eight individual posts, including the one you’re reading, and have had fifty-five people follow me by subscribing.

I write about being a ghost writer, in order to promote my writer-for-hire services! There are people out there who need help promoting their websites.

As a wholesale supplier to people who might not own a business, and who only want to buy some wholesale merchandise, but in smaller quantities, so they can sell the items to earn extra cash, I sell merchandise at wholesale!

As a person who peddles merchandise at retail around her own town, and who makes loads of money doing it, I am in love with the business of selling non-lethal, self-defense pepper sprays! I especially like that business, because most people don’t already have one, and they’re likely to buy one on impulse, when offered the chance to do so!

Some folks would rather have their own website, and sell items online. If you are one of them, you can get your own website here! You will love being in business for yourself, starting in just five minutes!

If you need Good Luck Charms and Amulets that really work, I can help you with that as well. Just click that link!

Maybe you would like to earn extra cash by showing catalogs to people you know and taking orders from them for great gift merchandise! Making Money Selling from Catalogs is fun and exciting! It’s pretty easy too!

Lastly, I am always seeking some retail customers, so if you need or want to buy some gift items for yourself or for others, then please visit my fabulous and fun gift website at: because you will LOVE it!

Oh, and here’s an amazing pain relief cream to change your life for the better!

Please also remember what I said at the beginning of this page; “The person who says it cannot be done should not interrupt the person who is doing it!” 

Thanks and Many Blessings!



earn extra cash, earn money from home, ghost writer, gifts, home based business

Make Money From Home? Make Money Selling A Pain Relieving Cream?

As you read this, just remember the old Chinese proverb; “The person who says it cannot be done should not interrupt the person who is doing it!”

That’s right! There are millions of adult Americans who make money from home with our own home based businesses. If you would like to make money from home, you certainly can do it. Aren’t you tired of not having enough money to make ends meet? It does not have to be this way, because you can start earning extra money from home.

You might have a service to offer, or you might find a product to sell. You might do it online via the Internet or you might do it face-to-face with people in your area. For those who are not afraid to talk to people, and who are able to communicate effectively, and who like the idea of selling a product, this idea that I am about to mention, just might be the ideal opportunity for you.

Most people have body aches and pains, whether all of the time, daily, on and off throughout the day, occasionally, or sometimes after overexerting themselves at the gym or through leisure activities. There are some store-bought pain relief creams and lotions that are mediocre at best. Sometimes, when you want to get something that’s really, really good, you have to get it through a non-traditional channel.

Real Time Pain Relief products come from a 20 year old, family owned business, and they’re not sold in stores. The reason is… they have the reputation and effectiveness that when someone tells someone else just how awesome and exciting they are, that encourages the person to buy a tube or two, and try them. Once most people try them, they fall in love with these amazing pain relief products, and they want to continue to buy them and use them for pain relief.

So, now you say, “But Jennifer, how do I know these creams are as good as you say?” Well, you can sample them first, before buying a small quantity at wholesale. Just Click Here to Learn More!

After you sample these pain relief products for a few days, you are likely to be impressed by them, just as most people are, and you will want to order a small quantity at wholesale, because you will want to keep using them yourself, and you will be confident that you can earn some extra cash by selling them to people you know; friends, relatives, neighbors, co-workers, as well as people at school or church, and other acquaintances!

Even if you’re not much of a salesperson, you can loan a tube to someone and ask them to simply try it. If after a day or two, they are not interested in buying the tube, you can retrieve it and loan it to someone else. Alternatively, the company sells small, convenient travel packs, which can also be used as sample packs.

If you need more money, then you are going to have to find a way to start earning extra money, and it’s easier today than ever before. If peddling pain relief creams to people in your area does not appeal to you, then please have a look around here on my site to find something else.

If you’re outside the U.S.A. you will need to find a wholesale supplier in your own country, but for those here in The States, I have links to various opportunities for you. As a ghost writer who often gets hired to write materials to help businesses promote their products or services, I often come across many great products and great companies.

So, if you’re tired of having a shortage of cash, get busy and do something, and remember; “The person who says it cannot be done should not interrupt the person who is doing it!”

Thanks & Many Blessings!