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Can I Make Money By Mailing Out Copies Of A Chain Letter?

For many decades there has been a whole sub-culture here in the U.S.A. of people who make some money by getting involved with and mailing out copies of various chain letter types of money making programs. Some of these programs sound very appealing and are very well written, and other people read the letters and choose to get involved.

These fascinating and tempting mail-order, money making programs were probably born by their predecessors which were the moronic, idiotic, superstitious chain letters that had nothing to do with money or commerce, they simply “claimed” that if you sent out copies you would have good luck, but if you didn’t you might die. How ridiculous!

Now, it is documented that many decades ago, a church group needed to raise money, so they mailed out letters requesting people to each donate a dime, and also make three copies of the letter, then send those letters out to three friends. The church group ended up collecting $6,000.

For at least fifty years now, many people here in the U.S.A. have seen, and sometimes participated in money-making letters, flyers, chain letters, et cetera. Sometimes they are well-written, sometimes they sound mediocre, and others are completely stupid!

A program might involve a new participant to send some money to a handful of other participants, after which they
are provided with a camera ready copy of the same flyer with their name and address listed on it. The new participant then makes many copies, buys a bunch of stamps
and envelopes, and can even buy a mailing list of opportunity seekers usually on peel and stick labels. So, you must spend some money to begin the process of mailing out letters.

People who enjoy gambling and/or buying lottery tickets, do not usually mind spending some money on printing, postage, envelopes, and such, because it requires a “risk-taker” or “gambler” mentality. Someone who is extremely frugal, or outright cheap, will never try something like this. God forbid they should waste or lose a few dollars. (By the way, those people all have relatives who will enjoy spending money like drunken pirates after their funerals!)

These days, the money making mail order programs, as they are commonly called, are seemingly logical and workable. Some require the participant to send gifts to the others on the letter (and who says YOU can’t give a gift to someone?) while others claim that the money you send is to buy information, a printed report, a booklet, or maybe a subscription to something. Some programs tell you that you’re buying a mailing list of “opportunity seekers,” to whom you can mail letters of the programs that you’re promoting.  

You will want to have an initial budget of at least one hundred dollars to try something like this. After you start mailing out letters, other people will mail you their money making offers, and you will quickly get listed on a mailing list, and your mailbox will soon get flooded with pieces of mail containing many other money making opportunities. If any of those appeal to you, then you might choose to join and try some of them, it’s all up to you. For anyone who is lonely or bored, they might especially enjoy getting flooded with letters!

Another benefit of all this mail that you will begin receiving is that it will provide you with plenty of names and addresses of many other people who attempt to make money at this type of activity. I say “attempt” because there are no guarantees. A mail order money making program might work and it might not. You might make a little money on one, or maybe a lot of money, or maybe no money at all. When you get all these letters containing the names and addresses of others who enjoy this sort of hobby, you can turn around and send copies of your program to them, without having to buy or rent a mailing list.

Some of these mailing programs have a monitor, who usually monitors and makes sure that no one cheats, and the monitor is usually the one who mails a nice, clean, camera-ready copy to new participants with their name and address printed on the letter, in the same font and size as the other names, for a professional look. Others instruct you to delete the person in either the top or bottom position, move everyone up or down one spot, and then put your name and address on the list. These programs end up looking very sloppy, because many people do not do a nice, neat job of making the necessary changes.

Sometimes a mail program has you send the money to the monitor, who forwards the funds to the other participants, and sometimes you mail the money directly to each person. It seems that the most popular and most successful programs are the ones that do have a monitor, but that also have you sending the money to each of the participants directly.

If you think you might enjoy trying this sort of money-making idea, and you live within the United States, then Have a Look at this Make Money through the Mail offer!

Take a chance if you’re tempted, you might have fun and make a few dollars, or maybe much more, and if you don’t, you will at least have a few laughs. Never do something like this with money that you cannot afford to lose, just as when you go to a casino or horse track, because there is a certain amount of risk involved.

Thanks & Many Blessings!


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Earning Extra Cash By Showing Catalogs Of Great Gift Items, Taking Orders & Payments, And Making BIG Profits!

If you really need and want more money, and you’re not afraid to show some beautiful catalogs of fabulous gift items around town to a bunch of people you know, neighbors, friends, relatives, co-workers, and acquaintances, then this might be right up your alley.

Earning Extra Cash By Showing Catalogs Of Great Gift Items, Taking Orders & Payments, And Making BIG Profits!

By the way, this is NOT any sort of network marketing or multi-level marketing. I can get you a dozen, beautiful, full-color, 32 page gift catalogs that don’t have a company name, address, phone number, or website listed anywhere on them.

You can simply spend a week or two showing them around, selling merchandise from the catalogs, taking orders, collecting payments, and then we can supply you with the items to fill your orders!

You might take orders from people and then place one master order to fill those, just one time, and be done with it, or you might choose to do it on an ongoing basis, it’s all up to you.

There’s no obligation to continue if you decide it’s not your thing. For more info, please click on the artwork below…

Make Money Selling Products Deluxe Kit

We publish some really beautiful, 32 page, full-color catalogs of great gift items, and YOU can use them to make extra money! These are the type of gift items you will see on the website you will visit when you click the link above! You also receive TWO huge catalogs with 265 pages of many great items, and with Christmas quickly approaching, this is the ideal time to try!

Now, keep in mind that I am not making any income claims or guarantees, because the income that you will earn is entirely dependent on you and how hard you’re willing to work. I once had a guy who sold about $500 in merchandise then place an order at the end of the week, and he earned about $100 to $150 each time, and he did this about seven or eight weeks in a row. Then on the other hand, I had a gal who only got $240 in orders, one time, and earned $65, but then she gave up. So, it’s all up to you!

Do you know people that you can share the catalogs with, and encourage them to buy something? Of course, you will need to be in the USA, because we cannot ship merchandise out of the country, the postage rates are way too high these days for international packages. Are you comfortable asking people you know if they might want to look through a catalog, and possibly buy something? Some people are way too timid and shy for such an opportunity! Others of us have always been persuasive and bold and able to sell anything! 

If you think you can do this, then you should try it, as long as you’re an adult and you’re living here in the USA because we do not ship out of the country!

Earning Extra Cash By Showing Catalogs Of Great Gift Items, Taking Orders & Payments, And Making BIG Profits!

Selling from catalogs is a really fun and exciting way to earn some extra money, or even a lot of money if you hustle. We have a couple of customers who show the catalogs, sell items to people, and make money on a regular basis! You can do the same! I have a college girl customer who makes about $250 a week this way, and only puts in a couple of hours here and there! You can even tell a little white lie, and say that you’re helping your niece or nephew do a fundraiser, or maybe this will be the ideal fundraiser for your school, class, club, group or band.

Just remember the old Chinese Proverb; “The person who says it cannot be done should not interrupt the person who is doing it.”

Thanks and Many Blessings!



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Bored Or Lonely On A Friday Night? Another Great Thing About Having Your Own Home Based Business!

I am neither of those things, but another good thing about having your own website, your own home based business, or some other work-from-home enterprise, is that you never have to be lonely or bored… you can get busy working with your enterprise, any time, any day! 

Bored Or Lonely On A Friday Night? Another Great Thing About Having Your Own Home Based Business!

I have a few very cool websites, including a gift website with over ten thousand items, and I also ADD New Products DAILY, into addition to writing many materials, such as this piece, to promote that website! Then there’s the website where we feature Good Luck Charms and Amulets that really work! People everywhere want to find love and sex, win money, have more business or personal success, win money gambling or in a lottery drawing, and the list goes on.

The point is that I can spend time writing to promote my websites whenever I want, I can spend time adding new products to my websites whenever I want, and I can do my ghost writing for others whenever I want! Yes, many people Hire Me To Write for Them! Why not? My writing is great, it flows like a conversation with a friend, and it helps people promote their websites!

There are about 16 million people here in the USA who are self-employed, and YOU can easily become one of us! If you need or want more money, there are so many ways that you can earn it, and it’s time for YOU to find a way to do it! Just look around here on this site, as I have many informative pieces about this topic!

If you do happen to be lonely or bored on a Friday night, or any time for that matter, you do NOT have to be, you can start doing “something” from home! Open an eBay store or an Etsy shop, get a website of your own, find something to sell and make money face to face with people in your town, do whatever appeals to you, but for Pete’s sake, do something! Start NOW… don’t put it off! The sooner you get started, the better!

By the way, whatever you choose to do, I guarantee that at least a couple of people in your life will scoff at it, and they will tell you that you can’t do it, or that it won’t work. Just ignore them, because YOU CAN DO IT and IT WILL WORK! I always quote the proverb from ancient China that says; “The person who says it cannot be done should not interrupt the person who is doing it!”

By the way, I am doing it!

Good Luck & Many Blessings!



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Real Time Pain Relief Products Review!

I was reading the newest issue of The Old Farmer’s Almanac, the one that’s been around since 1792, and is published in New Hampshire. I saw an interesting ad for a really good line of pain relief products (though at the time I did not know for sure, just how good they were) and I decided to place an order!

Real Time Pain Relief has a special introductory Sample Offer, if you will, and it’s great, because for less than 15 bucks, you get like $60 or $70 worth of products, and I am so glad that I decided to try them, because the PRODUCTS are A-W-E-S-O-M-E!

Real Time Pain Relief Products Review!

Real Time PAIN Cream delivers really fast, targeted  pain relief. The special  blend of Nature’s Ingredients  used in Real Time PAIN Cream includes Aloe Vera, Menthol, Arnica, Capsicum, Willow Bark, and much more.

Real Time PAIN Cream is effective on deep muscle pain, cramps, and over 100 types of arthritis. Real Time PAIN Cream absorbs very quickly and really smells great, so it’s perfect for using any time of day.

The next time you’re in pain, instead of reaching for another pill with a warning label, try some Real Time Pain Cream! Real Time PAIN Cream is formulated to provide fast, temporary pain relief for Back Pain, Muscle Strain, Over 100 Types of Arthritis, Sprains, Cramps, Bruises, and More. Real Time PAIN Cream is made with 17 of Nature’s Ingredients and contains no parabens, SLS, or dye, so you’ll get more nourishment per application without worrying about harsh chemicals and their side effects.

The Original Pain Relief full list of ingredients includes:
Aloe Vera
Emu oil (Real Time Pain Relief SELECT is a vegan formula and contains raspberry oil)
Willow Bark
Witch Hazel
St John’s Wort
Coriander Fruit Oil
German Chamomile
Roman Chamomile
Tilia Cordata (Lime Tree)
Centaurea Cyanus

I really love the stuff and cannot resist telling others about it, because I plan to buy it and use it from now on. And all this hype is just about ONE of their awesome products; The Original Pain Relief! When you find something that is really good, you get excited about it! Here’s a testimonial from their company website: 

“I’ve been in chronic pain for over 20 years. I have lupus, degenerative discs, hip pain, and sinus headaches. My nephew sent some Real Time to me. I want to tell you how pleased I am with your wonderful product. After using it for 10 days, I could tell a big difference. I’ve been using it a few months now, and I walk much better and have much less pain. It also gets rid of my headaches really fast. I can now sleep all night without my hip pain waking me up. Before, I had to get the spinal injections every 3 months. My doctor was amazed at how much better I am getting around. Please don’t stop making this product!”

Do YOU do business online? Do you have a website? Do you also have a blog? If not, you certainly need one! Perhaps some good content written and posted on your blog on a regular basis, whether weekly, twice a week, or even daily, will attract attention to your blog, and then direct some of your blog readers to your website! This is why many business people create and maintain a blog. This is why many website and blog owners Hire ME to Write for them as a ghost!

Thanks and Many Blessings!


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Real Time Pain Relief: Good Products To Buy At Wholesale And Sell Or Peddle In My Town To Earn Instant Cash Profits!

YOU may have Googled a phrase such as What Are Some Good Products To Buy At Wholesale And Sell Or Peddle In My Town To Earn Instant Cash Profits?… or something similar to that! Maybe you Googled Real Time Pain Relief Products. In any event, you’re here!

If you are looking for something that you can buy at wholesale and then sell at retail, face-to-face to people in your town, you should consider these amazing Real Time Pain Relief products, for several reasons!

#1: They are very powerful and effective pain relief products that really work!

#2: They are something small and light weight and it’s easy to carry a few tubes with you everywhere you go!

#3: They are something that people will buy “on impulse,” which is a great quality for merchandise to have when you’re trying to peddle it or sell it around town!

#4: If you’re within the U.S.A. you can sample Real Time Pain Relief products by clicking this link!

#5: They work so well that most people will buy them again and again!

#6: You can buy these Real Time Pain Relief products at wholesale prices but in smaller quantities, even if you don’t own a business!

So, what are you waiting for? Order your samples today, and you will be able to try the products in just a few days!

Thanks & Many Blessings!



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Good Ways To Attract Attention To My Website: What Are Some Good Ways To Attract Attention To My Website?

YOU may have Googled a phrase such as What Are Some Good Ways To Attract Attention To My Website?… or something similar to that!

Or maybe you have stumbled onto this page because it was just meant to be! Whatever the reason is that you are now here, it’s a very good thing!

My creative and effective writing has caused you to be attracted here to this page, and my writing can do the very same thing to attract visitors to your website. More about that in a moment.

Whenever anyone has or operates a website, they naturally want to attract traffic to it, because they need visitors. The more visitors they can get, the better it will be for their sales and subsequent success. These days there are numerous ways to attract attention to a website.

Pay-per-click: You can enlist the services of Google and other search engines that have a pay-per-click service. You would basically be paying them for advertising. You set-up an account, deposit an amount of money into it, write a small advertisement, and choose a daily spending limit.

When someone sees your advertisement, and clicks on it, they get taken to your website, and it may cost you a fixed fee each time, such as one dollar. Once you’ve had enough visitors in one day to use up your daily budget, the ads will disappear until the next day. Unless you have plenty of money to burn, this might not be the way to go for a new website owner. Many pay-per-click visitors might bounce off of your site without reading too many pages, and without placing an order! 

Blog postings: While there are millions of people who write and maintain blogs for a variety of reasons, many of them are just doing it for fun and amusement, but there are also millions of folks who write a blog because it points to their website(s) just as I do.

If you will notice, I am writing about my writer-for-hire services, as well as ways that people can purchase my wholesale merchandise but in small quantities, perhaps because they want to resell the items in their area to earn extra cash.

When someone is using a blog to promote a website, the blog posts will usually contain a hyperlink to a website such as this one, which takes you to a place where you can get good luck charms and amulets that really work! Even if you don’t need a good writer, you might want to get a good luck charm or two to help with your business success!

Article marketing or content marketing: Writing and posting useful information and content that others might find helpful, is another great way to attract attention to your website. You can add new content as often as you want, and it’s really a great idea to do this daily. If you cannot do the writing yourself, whether because of time constraints, or perhaps because you don’t know what to write, you can hire-a-writer to write for you!

I mentioned above that MY writing has caused YOU to be attracted here to this website: ineedtofindagoodwriter.com and if you clicked any links, then I have also succeeded in attracting you to another of my websites. I can do the same for you, if you’re willing to have me do some writing for you.

Are there guarantees that you will get visitors and sales? No, of course not. Will you get traffic instantly? No, of course not. These things take time, and effort, and most of all… patience! Anyone who promises you thousands of visitors immediately is probably lying. Beware!

Videos: There are many people these days who have a channel on a website such as Vimeo or YouTube, and they create fun, or amusing, or informational videos, which attract visitors, and then some of those visitors click on a link to visit the website that the person is trying to promote through their YouTube channel. Of course there are some who simply make YouTube videos for the fun of it. By the way, YouTube is owned by Google, in case you did not know!

Email marketing: Another way to promote your website is by sending out email blasts, whether to a list of people whom you have already done business with, or maybe you captured their names and emails on your website. You might also buy or rent a mailing list of email addresses, and send an email to all of those prospects. You might choose to do the emailing yourself, which can be quite a task, or you might enlist the aid of a company that provides such a service! If you have a large budget, then this might be the way to go.

Please be sure to check out some of my other informative pieces here, and don’t forget to bookmark the site, add it to your favorites, subscribe, and come back soon! Most of all, when you are ready to hire a writer, please contact me, a real person, not a computer program or a large company that treats you like you’re just a number!

Thanks and Many Blessings!


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Find A Writer Who Is Not Too Expensive To Write Online Content For Me: Where To Find A Writer Who Is Not Too Expensive To Write Online Content For Me?

Maybe you have a website or blog, and you were wondering about “How To Find A Writer Who Is Not Too Expensive To Write Online Content For Me?” Or “Where To Find A Writer Who Is Not Too Expensive To Write Online Content For Me?”

As a brilliant writer, I am always getting paid for my writing, and I use my writing to promote my various websites and online enterprises. Many other people also hire me to write for them, to help them promote their online businesses! Most people cannot write well, or they don’t know what to write, or they’re too busy, or they can’t be bothered, and would just rather pay someone else to do the work for them, and make no mistake; it IS work!

I always add new content to my websites, and I add new products almost daily, and I even add whole new categories of exciting wholesale merchandise and gift merchandise!

A new category that I just added a few days ago, is this very cool: As Seen On TV Category You Can See Here, which is fun and exciting because many people LOVE those items, and some folks are tempted to try them, plus they usually make great gifts, especially holiday and Christmas Gifts! You will love them too, and so will your gift recipients!

I have also added a category for Cheeky Physique products, because they’re awesome and women need them! Girls, you should definitely take a look!

Where To Find A Writer Who Is Not Too Expensive To Write Online Content For Me?

By the way, do YOU need a really great ghost writer to write you some materials, such as what you’re reading here? If you are located in The States and you are ready to roll, just click that link and I can probably do the writing for you! My turn around time is so fast that it will make your head spin. Plus you will LOVE the work I do for you!

Thanks & Many Blessings!